Formerly known as Chengtu.

Centrally located in the western Sichuan Plain,Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province.

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Tianfu Center95under construction(6)
Greenland Center101under construction(4)
China Merchants Group Western Headquarters...proposed(1)
Mandarin Oriental Hotel [1]88on hold(1)
Poly International Tower67proposed(1)
International Commerce Center Tower 160built2022(1)
International Commerce Center [2]proposed(1)
Chengdu International Finance Center Phase 248built2013(1)
Chengdu International Finance Center Phase 148built2013(1)
Global Times Center45built2016(2)
Western IFC - Conrad Hotel56built2015(1)
Tianfu Innovation Fortune Centre44built2022
Mandarin Oriental Hotel [2]73on hold(1)
Art Residence by Armani/Casa 265built2017(2)
Art Residence by Armani/Casa 165built2017(2)
Tianfu IFC [2]58built2019(1)
Tianfu IFC [1]58built2019(1)
Yintai Center52built2016(1)
Oriental Hope Intertek Plaza [2]45built2016(1)
Oriental Hope Intertek Plaza [1]45built2016(1)
Jinjiang Cultural and Creative Industry Ce...47under construction
Huarun Tower39built2012
Dongdu Kaiyue Phase 260built2010
Minyoun Financial Plaza47built2012(1)
MIC Plaza D48built2016
Dongyuan International Chengdu Sichuan Air...45built2016(1)
Pinnacle One47built2014(1)
Twin Rivers International [1]43built2016
Palm Springs International Center41built2013(1)
World Financial Centerbuilt2017(1)
Twin Rivers International [2]42built2015
Tianfu Times Tower40built2010(1)
The Lodgementbuilt2015
Sichuan Aerospace Tower42built2008(1)
Renheng Square 240built2009(1)
Renheng Square 140built2009(1)
Chicony Continental Plaza37built2011(1)
Huamin Empire Plaza45built2007(1)
Sichuan Bank of China Tower38built1994(2)
Minxing Financial Tower40built1998(2)
Times-Kaiyue Main Tower40built1994
Shangri-La Hotel36built2007
Panda Mall Hotel43built2006(1)
Sichuan Tobacco Tower39built2010(1)
Plaza Central34built2005(1)
Overseas Exchange Square 234built2005(1)
Chengdu International Finance Mansion36built2000
Century City Crystal Tower34built2008(1)
Chuanxin Tower37built1998(1)
Jinniu Wanda Plaza34built2012(1)
Greenland Hotel38built2001(1)
Sheraton Chengdu Lido Hotel35built2000(1)
Quanxing Building B34built2002
First City Plaza38built2000
New Century Plaza35built(1)
Huitong Mansion32built2007(1)
Mall Parkson30built2001
Chengdu Chuang's Centre32built1999
Sliced Porosity Block34built2013
Guodong Square33built
Skyone Plaza31built1994
Shu Capital Building34built1991(1)
New Times Square28built1996(1)
Chengdu Century City New International Exh...31built2008
Celebrity Ruicheng Hotel35built
Vancouver Plaza33built1995(1)
State Plaza 233built
State Plaza 133built
Tianyi Mansion32built
Chengdu Holiday Inn Chengdu Crowne Hotel30built
Celebrity City Hotel28built(1)
Romantic Holiday Hotel29built1997
Sichuan Tax Operation Tower22built2004
Jinhai International Garden34built2004
Pride Tower28built2000
Chengdu No.2 Long Distance Telecom Control...21built2003
Gloria Regent Garden 130built
Sichuan International Building27built
China People's Bank Chengdu Branch Tower31built1993
The Waterfront F30built
The Waterfront E30built
The Waterfront D30built
The Waterfront C30built
The Waterfront B30built
The Waterfront A30built
Jinyang Building30built
Jade Laurel Apartments30built
Chengdu Fortune Center Residential Tower 230built2006
Chengdu Fortune Center Residential Tower 130built2006
East Times Plaza Tower A28built2004
Fu River Apartment26built2001
Chengdu Fortune Center Complex Tower25built2006
New Century Global Centrebuilt2013
Fortune-King Plaza Main Tower31built2007
City Tower30built2002(1)
Kaihang International Plaza26built2005(1)
Chengdu News Center26built
Chengdu Telecom Mansion30built
Chengdu World Trade Center A29built
Chengdu World Trade Center B30built
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