Formerly known as Kweiyang.

A city of southwest China east-northeast of Kunming. The capital of Guizhou province, it is a major transportation and industrial center.

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Guizhou Culture Plazaunder construction(2)
Guiyang International Financial Center Tow...76built2020(3)
World Trade Center92on hold(3)
Hengfeng Guiyang Center 177on hold(4)
Kweichow Moutai Toweron hold(2)
Huaguoyuan Twin Tower East Tower71built2020(4)
Huaguoyuan Twin Tower West Tower69built2020(4)
Huaguoyuan Tower 4on hold(2)
Huaguoyuan Tower 3on hold(2)
Zhongtian Future Ark Global Valley62under construction(1)
Hengfeng Pedestrian Street Phase IIproposed
Guizhou Park Office Tower55built2019(1)
Guiyang Financial Center Tower 254built2020(3)
Guiyang Hunter Douglas International Plaza59built2015(2)
Guiyang Old Department Store Renovation Pr...55built
Guiyang Financial Center 5built
Hengfeng Guiyang Center 367built2022(1)
Hengfeng Guiyang Center 267under construction(1)
Kempinski Hotel53built2010(1)
Fangzhou Dong Mao Center 250built2019
Fangzhou Dong Mao Center 150built2019
Huaguoyuan Hilton Hotel50built2021
Hengfeng Guiyang Center 569built2022(1)
Hengfeng Guiyang Center 469built2022(1)
Guiyang Financial Center 1443built
Asia Pacific Center55built2016(1)
Guiyang Financial Center 8built
Hujin Plaza40built2016
201 Tower37built2012(1)
Guiyang Financial Center 938built
Zhongtian Exhibition City [2]45built2015(1)
Zhongtian Exhibition City [1]45built2015(1)
Guizhou Park Hotel Two B40built2019
Fangzhou Dong Mao Center 549built2018
Fangzhou Dong Mao Center 449built2018
Fangzhou Dong Mao Center 349built2018
Hengfeng Guiyang Center 655under construction
Sheraton Hotel Guiyang38built2005(1)
Quanlin International Plaza Main Tower40built2002(1)
Hengfeng Guiyang Center 745built2022
Times Mingshi Tower35built2000(1)
Jinhao Mansion38built
Lanbowan West Tower32built
Lanbowan East Tower32built
Guiyang Novotel Downtown30built1987
Guiyang Baicheng Hotel30built1998
Guizhou Hotel30built1988
Xianghong National Mansion30built
Fangzhou Tower28built
Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel Tianyi31built1998
Jiulian Hua Tower30built
Jiaxing Huating30built2001
Jinxie Tower24built
Zhongshan Tower28built
Guixiang Hotel25built
Guiyang Jinzhu Hotel28built
Guiyang Nenghui Hotel25built2002
Oriental Building28built
Guishan City Garden Tower B25built
Guishan City Garden Tower A25built
Zhonghua Tower25built
Longquan Tower25built
Guiyang Chinese Medicine College Building23built
Guizhou Liyun Hotel20built
Hualian Hotel20built1999
Guilong Hotel19built
Longxi Yuan33built2010
Guiyang Plaza Hotel26built
Guiyang TV Towerbuilt