The largest city in Canada, Toronto plays a prominent role as the financial heart of the country. The city is one of the most ethnically diverse in the world and contains the world-famous CN Tower.

From its humble beginnings as a scattered collection of towns and village, most of which still provide a local flavour to their respective areas of the city, Toronto has grown tremendously and continues to grow. The City of Toronto contains a number of skylines, most notable being the CBD-Midtown, North York, and Scarborough.

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The Sutton Place Hotel32destroyed(1)
Toronto Daily Star Building22destroyed(1)
Inn on the Park23destroyed
The Grand Suites Hotel14destroyed
Concourse Building16destroyed(2)
Bank of Montreal17destroyed
Womens College Hospital10destroyed(1)
Arthur Meighan Building10destroyed
Lord Simcoe Hotel20destroyed
The Residence College Hotel19destroyed
Board of Trade Building13destroyed
Eaton's Warehouse Louisa Wing12destroyed
Eaton's Warehouse Alice Wing12destroyed
National Building12destroyed
Dominion Building12destroyed
801 Bay12destroyed
Regal Constellation West15destroyed
Regent Park South V14destroyed
Commerce and Transportation Building11destroyed
55 St. Clair East10destroyed
Credit Foncier Trust12destroyed
21 Adelaide West12destroyed
Herbert House11destroyed
111 Elizabeth Street11destroyed
Wellesley Hospital10destroyed
Salvation Army Headquarters10destroyed
5799 Yonge11destroyed
Regent Park South IV14destroyed
Regent Park South III14destroyed
Regent Park South II14destroyed
Regent Park South I14destroyed
Inn on the Park14destroyed
Regal Constellation East13destroyed
Ministry of Health10destroyed
Valhalla Inn Toronto13destroyed
Foresters Temple Building12destroyed(1)
Eaton's House Furnishing Building10destroyed
Eaton's Department Store10destroyed
Holiday Inn Yorkdale East12destroyed
Holiday Inn Yorkdale West12destroyed
Eagle Star Insurance Building10destroyed
Central Building10destroyed
Royal Trust Building10destroyed
Tweedsmuir Apartments South12destroyed
Tweedsmuir Apartments North12destroyed
Seaway Towers Motor Hotel12destroyed
Ford Hotel12destroyed
100 Broadway10destroyed
11 Yorkville10destroyed
Union Carbide Building11destroyed
Board of Trade Building6destroyed