The largest city in Canada, Toronto plays a prominent role as the financial heart of the country. The city is one of the most ethnically diverse in the world and contains the world-famous CN Tower.

From its humble beginnings as a scattered collection of towns and village, most of which still provide a local flavour to their respective areas of the city, Toronto has grown tremendously and continues to grow. The City of Toronto contains a number of skylines, most notable being the CBD-Midtown, North York, and Scarborough.

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Sky Tower at Pinnacle One Yonge105under construction(13)
The One91under construction(16)
Concord Sky85under construction(2)
Forma East74under construction(2)
CIBC Square II50under construction(1)
Canada House 169under construction(1)
8 Elm Street68under construction(1)
The Pemberton64under construction(1)
11/YV62under construction(1)
Canada House 259under construction(1)
Toronto House58under construction(1)
Water's Edge at Cove56under construction(1)
8 Wellesley West55under construction(1)
The United BLDG52under construction(2)
4800 Yonge49under construction(1)
55C: 55 Charles Condos51under construction(1)
252 Church52under construction(1)
Charles at Church50under construction(1)
Burke Condominiums55under construction(1)
88 Queen 151under construction(1)
Lakeside Residences 149under construction(1)
Alias48under construction(1)
400 King Street West49under construction(1)
Theatre District II49under construction(1)
Theatre District & Riu Hotel48under construction(1)
One Delisle44under construction(2)
Maverick49under construction(1)
The Saint47under construction(1)
PRIME Condominiums46under construction(1)
50 Scollard43under construction(1)
The Dawes 143under construction(1)
Rushden Station 139under construction(1)
No. 31 Condos41under construction(1)
Celeste Condos39under construction(1)
Chateau Auberge39under construction(1)
Parkside Square II43under construction(1)
Town Centre Place I40under construction(1)
Sixty Five Broadway Rental39under construction(1)
Sixty Five Broadway Condo39under construction(1)
Rushden Station 237under construction(1)
45 Strachan39under construction(1)
One Crosstown Towers I39under construction(1)
One Thirty Eight29under construction(1)
Y & S Condos38under construction(1)
River & Fifth37under construction(1)
Whitfield Condominiums39under construction(1)
215 Lake Shore East 239under construction(1)
The Grainger40under construction(1)
Yonge at Wellesley Station40under construction(1)
Town Centre Place II38under construction(1)
Artists' Alley One39under construction(1)
75 Broadway38under construction(1)
30 Merton37under construction(1)
The Sanderson38under construction(1)
980 Dufferin Tower B237under construction(1)
100 Broadway39under construction(1)
Untitled Toronto I37under construction(1)
Pearl Place Condominiums34under construction(1)
316 Bloor Street West37under construction(1)
Artists' Alley Two35under construction(1)
Rosehill Tower35under construction(1)
One Crosstown Towers III34under construction(1)
980 Dufferin Tower B134under construction(1)
Metro Park Condomiiums I37under construction(1)
Line 5 Condominiums 136under construction(1)
2444 Yonge South Tower31under construction(1)
The Marlow33under construction(1)
ROQ City 233under construction(1)
Bela Square35under construction(1)
The Galleria III31under construction(1)
Olive Residences33under construction(1)
One Crosstown Towers II32under construction(1)
Plaza on Yonge32under construction(1)
Ellie Condominium29under construction(1)
Jac Condos34under construction(1)
Rushden Station 329under construction(1)
King's Landing at Concord Park Place 131under construction(1)
TOOR Hotel & Residences32under construction(1)
Bauhaus Condos32under construction(1)
Queen Central34under construction(1)
The Residences at Central Park I31under construction(1)
Line 5 Condominiums 233under construction(1)
EQ Bank Tower23under construction(1)
Goode Condominiums32under construction(1)
Artistry Condominiums29under construction(1)
The Sloane & Trafford Tower B29under construction(1)
Cielo Condominiums29under construction(2)
Ivy Condominiums32under construction(1)
Time And Space Condominiums29under construction(1)
Pinnacle Toronto East II30under construction(1)
Pinnacle Toronto East I30under construction(1)
Collier & Park Condominiums27under construction(1)
5207 Dundas West I29under construction
The Sloane & Trafford Tower A27under construction(1)
Valhalla Village 230under construction(1)
King's Landing at Concord Park Place 227under construction(1)
Raglan House27under construction(1)
The Elm29under construction(1)
Galleria 0129under construction(1)
265 Balliol27under construction(1)
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