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Owen Street - Tower 164under construction
Beetham Tower50built2006(7)
Owen Street - Tower 250proposed
Owen Street - Tower 444under construction
Owen Street - Tower 337proposed
C.I.S. Tower25built1962(11)
10-12 Whitworth West37proposed
One Norton Court34proposed
City Tower30built1965(5)
17 New Wakefield Street33built2012(1)
Arndale Centre21built1979(2)
Portland Tower21built1962(3)
Civil Justice Centre17built2006(2)
Great Northern Tower25built2006(2)
3 Hardman Street16built2009(2)
Co-op Headquarters17built2012(1)
Jefferson Place21built2008
Lee House Extension16proposed(1)
Sarah Tower22on hold
Light House19built2007(1)
Britton House21built2009
Three Piccadilly Place15built2007(1)
Jefferson Place21built2008
Islington Wharf21built2008(1)
Albert Bridge House18built1959(2)
111 Piccadilly18built1965(3)
Skyline Central20built2007(1)
The NV Building C18built2005(1)
The NV Building B18built2005(1)
The NV Building A18built2005(1)
No.1 Deansgate17built2002(2)
Chester Road Tower20proposed(1)
Owens Park Tower19built1964(1)
Edge C21built2005(1)
Edge B21built2005(1)
Mirabel Street Tower18built2006(1)
Chancery Place14built2008
Left Bank Apartments16built2005
Fortune House16proposed(1)
Lowry House15built(1)
Ramada Renaissance Hotel15built(1)
St. James House17built1965(1)
2-4 Chester Road17proposed(1)
Wright Robinson Hall15built1968(1)
No.1 Marsden Street12built2002(1)
82 King Street13built1995(2)
Free Trade Hall Hotel16built2004(1)
Moberly Hall15built1963(1)
Mathematics & Social Sciences Building15built1968(1)
Chandos Hall15built1968(1)
New Century House14built1962(2)
Jarvis Piccadilly Hotel14built1964(2)
Great Ancoats Street Tower14built2009
3 Hardman Square9built2007(1)
Brookway Court17built1969(1)
Bickerdike Court17built1966(1)
Two Norton Court14proposed
Telephone House13built1961(1)
St. George's Island, Block 115built2005(1)
Sunlight House14built1932(2)
Bank Chambers13built1971(1)
Ship Canal House11built1926
Plymouth Grove14built2007
One Piccadilly Place12built2006
Whitebeck Court16built(1)
St. Georges Court16built(1)
Somerton Court16built(1)
Rusland Court16built(1)
Kentmere Court16built(1)
Grisedale Court16built(1)
Deepdale Court16built(1)
Cartmel Court16built(1)
Centurion House13built1977(1)
Manchester Post Office12built(1)
Dobson Court15built(1)
Chemistry Building12built1968(1)
Alberton House12built
Peter House11built(1)
Shackleton Court15built(1)
Lincoln Court15built(1)
Lancaster Court15built(1)
Cornwall Court15built
Benedict Court15built(1)
Armitage Court15built(1)
Abbey Court15built(1)
Rosetti Place Phase 213built2006
The Hacienda12built2004(1)
Lancaster House12built1910
Two Piccadilly Place9built2006
Worsley Court13built(1)
Woodward Court13built(1)
Westcott Court13built(1)
Vauxhall Court13built(1)
Thomas Court13built(1)
Sheridan Court13built(1)
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