Stockport is a metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester metropolitan county.

Official Borough Website: http://www.stockport.gov.uk/

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Pendlebury Towers22built1969(1)
Hanover Towers22built1968(1)
Ratcliffe Towers16built(1)
Mottram Towers16built(1)
Millbrook Towers16built(1)
Lincoln Towers16built(1)
Hollywood Towers16built(1)
Regent House12built1975
St. Christopher's House10built
Regal House11built
Voewood House12built(1)
Romney Towers12built(1)
Norris Tower12built
Ludlow Towers12built(1)
Lenham Towers12built(1)
Hollow End Towers12built(1)
Heaton Tower12built
Dunton Towers12built(1)
Conway Towers12built(1)
Brecon Towers12built(1)
Beaver House12built(1)
Dale House9built
The Pyramid6built1992
Wellington Mill8built1830
Stockport Town Hallbuilt1908