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Salford is in the metropolitian area of Manchester.
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Originally a small village on the banks of the River Irwell, Salford along with it's neighbouring town of Manchester, saw massive growth as a result of the cotton and silk industries.
The opening of the Manchester Ship Canal in 1894 and the construction of the Manchester docks at Salford Quays gave this growth a huge boost.

A massive regeneration project in the 1960s saw the construction of over 30 highrise residential blocks, many of these buildings are now run-down and some have been demolished.

Salford along with Swinton, Eccles, Worsley, Cadishead, Irlam, Walkden and Little Hulton formed the new City of Salford in 1974.

In the late 1970s the Manchester docks suffered a huge decline in business due to more advanced technology such as Motorways.

This decline caused the docks to become abandoned and derelict.

In the 1990s a huge regeneration project at Salford Quays saw the construction of new high-tech office buildings at the Exchange Quay, Harbour City and Anchorage areas of the Quays.
The regeneration continued and a futuristic arts centre was built, known as The Lowry, named after the Manchester born artist.

2002 saw the completion of Daniel Libeskind's stunning Imperial War Museum North, standing across the Ship Canal opposite The Lowry, the intriguing building is based on the idea of a globe shattered into three pieces by war.

City Area: 37sq miles
Population: 220,000


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Quay Point Tower 335proposed(1)
Quay Point Tower 235proposed(1)
Chapel Wharf Tower 137proposed
Canopus Tower B31proposed
North Tower25built1966(1)
Harbour City Tower 422proposed(1)
Briar Hill Court25built1970(1)
Millennium Tower21built2008(1)
Sovereign Point20built2005(1)
Thorn Court23built1969(1)
Spruce Court23built1969(1)
Rosehill Court23built1970(1)
Fitzwarren Court23built1970(1)
Churchill Court23built1970(1)
City Lofts Development, Dock 921built2007(1)
Charter House20built(1)
Imperial Point16built2001(1)
5 Exchange Quay13built1997(1)
NV Building 318built2005(1)
NV Building 218built2005(1)
NV Building 118built2004(1)
Peel House16built(1)
Nine Acre Court18built1972(1)
Sycamore Court17built1966(1)
Mulberry Court17built1966(1)
Magnolia Court17built1966(1)
Cherry Tree Court17built1966(1)
Ewood House16built
Craunton House16built
College Croft16built
Walter Greenwood Court15built(1)
Matthias Court15built(1)
John Lester Court15built(1)
Eddie Coleman Court15built(1)
Cannon Hussey Court15built(1)
Bramall Court15built(1)
Arthur Millwood Court15built(1)
Adelphi Court15built(1)
Plum Tree Court17built1970(1)
Pear Tree Court17built1969(1)
Peach Tree Court17built1970(1)
Apple Tree Court17built1969(1)
Albion Towers17built1970(1)
White Friar Court15built1968(1)
Riverbank Tower15built1966(1)
Newbank Tower15built1966(1)
Grey Friar Court15built1966(1)
Black Friar Court15built1968(1)
8 Exchange Quay10built1997(1)
Furness House10built1969(1)
The Bridge12built2004(1)
Whitebeam Court12built(1)
Hornbeam Court12built(1)
Canopus Riverside12proposed
Emerson House10built
Orbit House9built
Digital World Centre8built2003
Lowry Theatrebuilt2000