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Metropolitian Area Cities
Suwon is in the metropolitian area of Seoul.
• Cheonan
• Goyang
• Hwaseong
• Incheon
• Seongnam
• Seoul


A city of northwest South Korea south of Seoul. It is a textile-manufacturing center.

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Samsung Electronics Research & Development...28built2005
Worldmark Gwanggyo Prugio Tower [1]48built2015(1)
Gwanggyo The Sharp Lake Park 140built2017
Gwanggyo Hillstate Lake 10140built2016
Gwanggyo The Sharp Lake Park 235built2017
Gwanggyo Hillstate Lake 10235built2016
Gwanggyo Hillstate Lake 10332built2016
Worldmark Gwanggyo Prugio Tower [3]30built2014(1)
Worldmark Gwanggyo Prugio Tower [2]30built2014(1)
Samsung Electronics Research & Development...28built2001
Chonggu Apartment 10623built2000
Chonggu Apartment 10523built2000
Chonggu Apartment 10423built2000
Chonggu Apartment 10323built2000
Chonggu Apartment 10223built2000
Chonggu Apartment 10123built2000
Jangan-gu Government Building14built1997
Kolon Apartment 10721built1999
Kolon Apartment 10621built1999
Kolon Apartment 10221built1999
Kolon Apartment 10820built1999
Kolon Apartment 10520built1999
Kolon Apartment 10420built1999
Kolon Apartment 10320built1999
Kolon Apartment 10120built1999
Kyunggi Bank15built1995
Hotel Castle14built1999
Ssangyong Changdon Apartment Complexbuilt1996