Formerly known as Puchon.

It is sandwiched between Incheon and Seoul. Many manufacturing operations are located in the city.

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Jungdong Gumho Richensia Tower 266built2011(2)
Jungdong Gumho Richensia Tower 166built2011(2)
Sangdong Skyview Xii Tower B45proposed
Sangdong Skyview Xii Tower A45proposed
Byzantium Towers37built2007(1)
Iaan The Classic Twin Towers33built2008(1)
We've The State 70235built2006
We've The State 50235built2006
We've The State 50135built2006
We've The State 10335built2006
Kolon Ideapolis33built2007(1)
We've The State 70134built2006
We've The State 90133built2006
We've The State 30133built2006
We've The State 10233built2006
We've The State 30231built2006
We've The State 90229built2006
We've The State 10129built2006
KCC Empire Tower26built2006
Povista Officetel20built2004(1)
Daelim Acrotel20built2004
Sang-Dong Withos Villa21built2008
Sang-Dong Paragon17built2007
Riche Villen20built2007