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Metropolitian Area Cities
Goyang is in the metropolitian area of Seoul.
• Cheonan
• Hwaseong
• Incheon
• Seongnam
• Seoul
• Suwon


Formerly known as Koyang.

Goyang includes the new city of Ilsan, which is connected to Seoul via Seoul Subway Line 3. Goyang borders Seoul on the south; the Bukhan Mountain Fortress lies along a small portion of this border.

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Tanhyun Doosan We've the Zenith 10559built2013(2)
Ilsan Yojin Y-City Tower 10559built2016(3)
Ilsan Yojin Y-City Tower 10359built2016(4)
Ilsan Yojin Y-City Tower 10258built2016(3)
Ilsan Yojin Y-City Tower 10458built2016(4)
Tanhyun Doosan We've the Zenith 10457built2013(2)
Ilsan Yojin Y-City Tower 10657built2016(3)
Tanhyun Doosan We've the Zenith 10654built2013(2)
Tanhyun Doosan We've the Zenith 10354built2013(2)
Tanhyun Doosan We've the Zenith 10254built2013(2)
Ilsan Yojin Y-City Tower 10155built2016(3)
Tanhyun Doosan We've the Zenith 10753built2013(2)
Tanhyun Doosan We've the Zenith 10153built2013(2)
Tanhyun Doosan We've the Zenith 10851built2013(2)
Haesol Sambu Renaissance Apartments 50731built2010(1)
Haesol Sambu Renaissance Apartments 50631built2010(1)
Lotte Castle Apartments 71330built2014(1)
Lotte Castle Apartments 71230built2014(1)
Lotte Castle Apartments 71130built2014(1)
Lotte Castle Apartments 71030built2014(1)
Lotte Castle Apartments 70930built2014(1)
Lotte Castle Apartments 70830built2014(1)
Lakeside Garden Village 221830built2012(1)
Lakeside Garden Village 221330built2012(1)
Lakeside Garden Village 221230built2012(1)
Chiayi City Apartments 11130built2010(1)
Chiayi City Apartments 11030built2010(1)
Chiayi City Apartments 10930built2010(1)
Chiayi City Apartments 10830built2010(1)
Chiayi City Apartments 10630built2010(1)
Chiayi City Apartments 10530built2010(1)
Chiayi City Apartments 10230built2010(1)
Chiayi City Apartments 10130built2010(1)
Blooming City Apartments 50830built2010
Blooming City Apartments 50730built2010
Blooming City Apartments 50630built2010
Blooming City Apartments 50530built2010
Blooming City Apartments 50430built2010
Blooming City Apartments 50230built2010
Blooming City Apartments 50130built2010
Chiayi City Apartments 10429built2010(1)
Blooming City Apartments 50329built2010
Lakeside Garden Village 221726built2012(1)
Lakeside Garden Village 221426built2012(1)
Lakeside Garden Village 221126built2012(1)
Lakeside Garden Village 221624built2012(1)
Lakeside Garden Village 221524built2012(1)
Lakeside Garden Village 221024built2012(1)
Chiayi City Apartments 10320built2010(1)
Hyundai I-Space15built2001(1)
Lake Polis 218built2003
Hosu Green15built2000(1)
Maison Libre15built1997
Lake Polis15built2002
SK M-city15built2007(1)
Hyundai Townville15built2000(1)
MBC Dream Center10built2003(1)
Ssangyong Ilsan Apartmentsbuilt1994