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Old Posted Aug 4, 2003, 12:13 AM
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Arrow DALLAS FORT WORTH | Urban + Suburban P & C

Thread last edited by Troy on 04 FEB 08 (only for the .kmz file, not the text list which is severely outdated, but, will be remedied soon). . .

Text format updated 27 MAY 07.
Includes both Dallas and Fort Worth municipalities, as well as other DFWland municipalities further downlist.

Google Earth-compatable interactive map (Updated 01 NOV 07 and includes all of DFW. Courtesy of forumer Mephis Gooseberry):
(Google Earth 4.1+ is downloadable for free and available at the link provided.)

GOOGLE EARTH MAP LINK (download is safe for home/work) : DFW Projects.kmz

Dallas (municipal)
New Construction Projects			Stories		Status/Completion Date

1900 Pacific (The Tower Residences)		~52		Proposed

Hall Arts Tower (Lone Star site) (m/u)		~47-50		On Hold

Victory Tower/Mandarin Oriental (~650ft.)	~43		U/C, 2009

Museum Tower					42		Planned, 2009

Centennial (Observation Tower) (~450 ft.)	n/a		Proposed

Calatrava Bridge mast (~400 ft.)		n/a		Planned

Akard & McKinney (Granite) (m/u)		~36		Proposed

Marriot Hotel @Convention Center		~35		Proposed

W Victory Hotel & Res. Tower North		33		Completed, June '06

City Lights Tower 32				32		Cancelled

The Azure					31		U/C, Spring '07

Four Arts Plaza					30		Proposed

Cirque (Victory Park)				28		U/C, Mid '07

Cirque II (Victory Park)			xx		Planned

The House by Stark (Victory Tower 'J')		28		U/C, 2008

Ashland @Field I (RED) (hotel/res./retail)	27		Proposed

Ashland @Field II (RED) (hotel/res./retail)	27		Proposed

1900 McKinney (Hanover) (310 ft.)		26		U/C

Three Arts Plaza				26		Planned

2500 McKinney I (@Fairmount) (m/u)		25		On Hold

Turtle Creek Block 1021 Tower I			~25		Proposed

Turtle Creek Block 1021 Tower II		~25		Proposed

Turtle Creek Block 1021 Tower III		~25		Proposed

City Lights Tower 25				25		Proposed

Ross & Field site (m/u res. tower)		xx		Not Announced

Saint Ann Court (350 ft.)			27		Groundbreaking upcoming, 2009

One Arts Plaza					24		U/C, Mar '07

The Glacier					xx		Planned

Classic Residence by Hyatt-Turtle Creek		xx		2010

Canyon Ranch I (Crescent) (325 ft.)		xx		Proposed

Canyon Ranch II (Crescent) (325 ft.)		xx		Proposed

Ritz Carlton Res. Tower II (310 ft.)		23		Approved

Cityplace II (McKinney @Blackburn) (Fairfield)	23		Planned

The Sterling at Turtle Creek			23		Early '08

Cresta Bella					22		Planned

Stoneleigh Court Hotel & Residences		22		Site Clearing

The Ashton					21		Completed, Mar '05

Ritz Carlton Hotel & Residences			21		U/C, 2007

The Caroline (McKinney @Akard)			21		Cancelled

The Caroline II (McKinney @Akard)		21		Cancelled

Cityplace West @Blackburn (Tram. Crow)		21		Planned

2000 McKinney (Lincoln)(295 ft.)		20		Site clearing

The Mondrian at Cityplace			20		Completed, Apr '05

Galleria North Condo. project			20		Cancelled

Palomar Residences				20		Proposed

Harwood @McKinney (Crescent)			~20		Proposed

Harwood @Cedar Springs (Crescent)		~20		Proposed

City Lights Tower 20				20		Cancelled

Park Lane Place Residential Tower I		20		Mid-2008

One Victory Park (off. bldg.)			20		Site clearing, 2008/9

Two Victory Park (off. bldg.)			20		Planned

Harwood District office tower (phase # unk)	xx		Proposed

Park Lane Place Hotel Tower I			~19		Planned

Park Lane Place Hotel Tower II			~19		Planned

ZaZa Condominiums (up to 240 ft.)		xx		Proposed

Harwood Int'l 'Maple' site			xx		Not announced

Merit Dr./Lakeside Square res. twr.		xx		Proposed

Lemmon @Cole ("Hole on Cole") res. twr.		xx		On Hold

Two Arts Plaza					18		Planned

City Lights Tower 18				18		Cancelled

La Reunion Senior Living Tower I		~18		Proposed

La Reunion Senior Living Towers II		~18		Proposed

Third Rail Lofts (Gulf States Bldg. II)		16		U/C, Summer '06

UTSWMC Biomedical Research Ctr.			16		Completed, 2004

Rosewood Court I (290 ft.)(m/u)			~16-19		Planned

Rosewood Court II (290 ft.)(m/u)		~16-19		Proposed

Maple Terrace Tower Condominiums		16		Cancelled

4949 Galleria - Bldg I (office)			16		On Hold/Not announced

Reserve Tower					16		Cancelled

W Victory Hotel & Res. Tower South		16		Completed, June '06

Baker & Botts project (Uptown)			~16		Cancelled

The Chateau at Turtle Creek			16		Cancelled

Hunt Global Hdqtrs. Tower			15		U/C, Mid '07

The Illume (3003 Carlisle)			15		On Hold

The Tuscany (Prestonwood @Arapaho)		15		Planned

Park Lane Place Residential Tower II		15		Mid-2008

State-Thomas Hall St. tower (Califco)		13		Cancelled (Downscaled)

Hard Rock Condo Hotel				xx		Not announced

Former Sofitel site hotel & res. proj.		xx		Cancelled

Mockingbird Stn. exp. (multi.res.bldgs.)	xx		Planned

Quadrangle res. site (mid- or high-rise)	xx		Proposed

Mercantile Condo Tower				12		Late '07

Children's Med. Ctr. Twr. III			12		Master Planned

Children's Med. Ctr. Twr. IV			12		Master Planned

4949 Galleria - Bldg. II (ofice)		12		On Hold/Not announced

Employers Insur. Bldg. II			11		Approved

Wyly Theatre					~11		U/C, 2009

The Eleven					11		Proposed/Not announced?

La Reunion Residential Tower			~11		Proposed

Park Place I (Avondale @Oak Lawn)		10		2008

Park Place II (Avondale @Oak Lawn)		10		2008

Joule Urban Resort Tower II			10		Proposed

Routh St. Complex condo. project		10		Cancelled

1899 McKinney (McKinney @Akard) (res)		10		Cancelled

The Beat at Southside				10		Planned

The Emerald (at White Rock Lake)		10		Proposed, downscaled to listed story count

DCDF South Tower				10		U/C, Spring 2008

CMC/UTSWMC Research Tower			xx		Master Planned

Canton & Central (Farmers Mkt. condo)		xx		Proposed

DTS student housing tower			xx		U/C

//not incl. unannounced (height or stories) portions of Cityplace West Master Plan.
//not incl. unannounced (height or stories) portions of Victory Park Master Plan.
//not incl. unannounced (height or stories) portions of Harwood District Master Plan.
//not incl. unannounced (height or stories) portions of Mockingbird Station and vicinity.
* structures listed w/stories as "xx" are placed in their approx. likely list position.

** "Trump Tower" and "Marquis Towers at Cityplace" will not be included at this time.

Dallas (municipal)
Renovations/Res. Conversions			Stories		Status/Completion Date

Republic Bank Tower I (res. conv.)		36		2006/7

Mercantile Tower (res. conv.)			36		Late '07

1600 Pacific (res. conv.)			33		Planned

2100 Ross (formerly San Jacinto Twr.)		33		Completed, 2006

(^ remodel of base areas only)

Mosaic (Fidelity Union Tower I)(res.)		31		2007

1200 Main - The Metropolitan (res.)		26		2008

Hilton Anatole Hotel				25		late '07/early '08

(^ remodel of Wyndham interior only; also renaming)

Hampton Inn (res. conv.)			22		Proposed

Tower Petroleum Building (res. conv.)		22		Proposed/Not announced

Mosaic (Fidelity Union Tower II)(res.)		21		2007

Joule Urban Resort Tower I (hotel)		20		2007

^ (3 floors being added to existing 17 floors)

Statler-Hilton/Grand Hotel			20		On Hold

The Centrum (renovation of res.)		19		Dec '05/Early '06

211 N. Ervay (res. conv.)			18		Planned

Corrigan Tower (res. conv.)			17		Demolishing for new 1900 Pacific tower

Gulf States Bldg. I (res. conv.)		16		Summer '06

DP&L Flats (Power & Light Bldg.)(res.)		16		2006

Praetorian Bldg. (res. conv.)			16		Planned

Pegasus Villas (res. conv.)			16		2006

City Walk at Akard (511 N. Akard) (res.)	15		Proposed

Hotel Indigo					14		?

(^ remodel & rename of Hotel Aristocrat interior only)

Atmos Building I (res. conv.)			13		2009

Children's Med. Ctr. Twr II expansion		12		Completed, 2004

Lake Cliff Tower (condo reno.)			12		2007

Atmos Building II (res. conv.)			12		2009

Ramada Inn (boutique hotel conv.)		12		Planned

Galleria Plaza					12		Planned

(^ light remodeling only)

Continental Building (res. conv.)		11		Late '07

Atmos Building III (res. conv.)			10		2009

Civil Courts Bldg. (10 st. expansion)		10		2006

* list comprised of structures 10 stories and greater since '04.

Fort Worth (municipal)
New Construction Projects			Stories		Status/Completion Date

XTO Building project				50		Cancelled

Omni Fort Worth Hotel (Conv. Ctr.)(~499 FT.)	~38		U/C, 2008

Block TU tower					30		Cancelled, was also originally proposed to be ~900 ft./60 st.

Three City Place				30		Proposed

The Ruins at Peach St. (res)			23		Proposed

The Cassidy res. twr.				22		Proposed

Pier One Place					20		Completed, Nov '04

The Carnegie					16		Jun '08

Trinity Terrace (2nd tower)			16		Proposed

Klabzuba Oil and Gas Co. bldg.			10		Cancelled, downscaled to 5 stories

* list comprised of structures 10 stories and greater since '04.
//not incl. Trinity Uptown master plan/vision (numerous mid- and high-rises).
//not incl. the Fort Worth City Hall proposal.

Fort Worth (municipal)
Renovations/Res. Conversions			Stories		Status/Completion Date

The Tower (res.)				37		Completed, Mar '05

Landmark Tower (XTO)				30		Cancelled (Demolished Mar '06)

714 Main (res.)					24		Planned

Tandy Center Tower I (office)			20		Late '07

Tandy Center Tower II (One City Place) (res.)	20		Late '07

Hotel Indigo					12		2006?

(^ remodel of Clarion Hotel at Perf. Arts. Ctr.)

T & P Terminal (m/u)				11		Planned?

The Neil P. at Burnett Park (res.)		11		Completed, Dec '05

Ramada Plaza Hotel (Sheraton)			xx		Proposed

* list comprised of structures 10 stories and greater since '04.

Upstate Texas Metropolitan/COG area
New Construction Projects		Stories	Status/Completion Date		City

Voyager Wheel (600 ft.)			--	Cancelled		Euless

Hilton Hotel & Residences		27	Not Announced		Frisco

Arlington Town Center Hotel		~25	Cancelled		Arlington

Las Colinas Center			22	Cancelled		Irving

Residences at Centura			21	On Hold			Farmers Branch

Gables Condo Twr. (Las Colinas)		xx	On Hold			Irving

Lakeside DFW Hotel & Residences		18	2008			Flower Mound

Centura Tower II			16	Cancelled		Farmers Branch

Arlington Town Center Residences I	16	Cancelled		Arlington

Centura Tower III			15	Cancelled		Farmers Branch

Centura Tower IV			15	Cancelled		Farmers Branch

Granite Park Three			14	Aug '06			Plano

Embassy Suites @DP7U Ballpark		13	Completed, May '05	Frisco

Blue Prairie (condo bldg. I)		13	Proposed		Grand Prairie

Blue Prairie (condo bldg. II)		13	Proposed		Grand Prairie

Blue Prairie (condo bldg. III)		13	Proposed		Grand Prairie

Diamond Pointe II			13	Proposed		Lake Texhoma/Denison

DFW Grand Hyatt				12	Completed, 2005?	DFW Int'l Airport

Blue Cross Blue Shield			12	2009/10			Richardson

UpTowne Frisco Office Tower I		12	Planned			Frisco

UpTowne Frisco Office Tower II		12	Planned			Frisco

UpTowne Frisco Hotel Tower I		xx	Planned			Frisco

UpTowne Frisco Hotel Tower II		xx	Planned			Frisco

Lofts at Grapevine I			12	Planned			Grapevine

Lofts at Grapevine II			12	Planned			Grapevine

Lofts at Grapevine III			12	Planned			Grapevine

Lofts at Grapevine IV			12	Planned			Grapevine

Amalfi Tower (res.)			11	Planned			Addison

Granite Park Four			xx	On Hold			Plano

Granite Park Five			xx	On Hold			Plano

O'Connor Hotel/Res.Twr. (Gables)	xx	Proposed		Irving

Diamond Pointe III			10	Proposed		Lake Texhoma/Denison

Diamond Pointe IV			10	Proposed		Lake Texhoma/Denison

Diamond Pointe V			10	Proposed		Lake Texhoma/Denison

Courtyard by Marriot @Gateway		10	Cancelled/Changed	McKinney

Westin Mckinney (@Bridge St. T.C.)	xx	2008			McKinney

Bridge St. T.C. office bldg.		xx	2008			McKinney

NEC America Phase I			 9	Completed, 20??		Irving

Legacy: Condo Tower (m/u)		 9	Proposed		Plano

Great Wolf Resort & WaterPark	 	 8	Fall '07		Grapevine

Golden Tulip Hotel & Resort		 8	Planned			McKinney

Lincoln Legacy One			 8	Aug '06			Plano

Legacy: Office Tower			 8	Planned			Plano

Legacy: Hotel Tower (m/u)		 8	Planned			Plano

Harbor District of Adriatica Bell Tower	 8	U/C			McKinney

Baylor Reg'l Med. Ctr.			 7	Completed, Dec '04	Plano

Legacy Apt. Project			 7	Late '06		Plano

Fairfield res. project			 7	Cancelled		Addison

Holiday Inn				 6	. . .			Denton

Villa Kacija				 6	U/C			McKinney

Brac (@Harbor District of Adriatica)	 6	U/C			McKinney

2600 Network Blvd. (Hall Off. Pk.)	 6	2006			Frisco

Arlinton Mem. Hosp. South Twr.		 6	Sep '07			Arlington

3000 Internet Blvd. (Hall Off. Pk.)	 6	Late '07		Frisco

Three Legacy Town center		 6	May '06			Plano

Presbyterian Hospital			 6	Completed, Mar '04	Denton

Wildflower Resort (mult. bldgs.)	 6	Planned			Grand Prairie

Montgomery Farm (office bldg. I) 	 6	Planned			Allen

Arlington Town Center Residences II	 6	Cancelled		Arlington

Arlington Town Center Residences III	 6	Cancelled		Arlington

Sheraton Hotel @Granite Park		 6	Planned			Plano

Gaylord Texan Resort			 ?	Completed, Apr '04	Grapevine

NEC America Phase II			 5	Completed, 20??		Irving

Hilton Dallas/Southlake Town Ctr	 5	Planned			Southlake

Art House Keller			 5	2007			Keller

Frisco City Hall & Library		 5	2006			Frisco

Children's Med. Ctr. @Legacy	 	 5	Early '08		Plano

Texas Heart Hospital - Southwest	 5	Jan '07			Plano

Methodist Mansfield Medical Ctr.	 5	Late '06		Mansfield

UpTowne Frisco 6100 Main		 5	Planned			Frisco

Four Pts. Sheraton @Stonebriar Commons	xx	2006-7			Frisco

Hotel & Condo proj.@Stonebriar Commons	xx	2006-7			Frisco

//Not incl. unannounced portions of Legacy in Plano.
//Not incl. Palazzo Las Colinas in Irving.
//Not incl. unnaounced portions of Gables project on Las Colinas' Lake Carolyn in Irving.
//Not incl. Water Street Las Colinas development in Irving.
//Not incl. Crossroads DFW proposals at Texas Stadium site in Irving.
//Not incl. unannounced portions of other misc. Las Colinas projects in Irving.
//Not incl. unannounced portions of Lakeside DFW in Flower Mound.
//Not incl. Arlington Glorypark res./hotel/office due to not enough info. to delineate line items.
//Not incl. Sierra Frisco multi-bldg. (mid-rises) development in Frisco.
//Not incl. unannounced portions of UpTowne Frisco.
//Not incl. unannounced portions of Frisco Square in Frisco.
//Not incl. 5 unannounced buildings of Hall Office Park in Frisco.
//Not incl. remainder of unannounced portions of Frisco Bridges in Frisco.
//Not incl. unannounced portions of Legacy Commons/Stonebriar Commons in Frisco.
//Not incl. unannounced portions of Allentowne in Allen.
//Not incl. unannounced portions of Montgomery Farm in Allen.
* list comprised of structures 5 stories and greater since '04.
* list total includes non-cancelled structures 10 stories and greater since '04
This list is still a work in progress (weakness is completed structures since '04. . .)

Upstate Texas Metropolitan/COG area
Renovations/Expansions					Stories	Status/Completion Date		City

Las Colinas Towers I					16	Planned				Irving

^ Light renovation only
Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas (expans.)		 9	Spring '06			Irving

Hilton DFW Lakes Hotel & Exec. Conf. Ctr.		 9	2006?				Grapevine

Las Colinas Towers II					 8	Planned				Irving

^ Light renovation only
(^ Renovation of property.)

* list comprised of structures 5 stories and greater since '04.
* All projects are post-Jan '04.

Upstate Texas Metropolitan/COG area
Other							Stories	Status/Completion Date		City

New Dallas Cowboys Stadium	(292 ft.)		--	U/C, 2009			Arlington

Pizza Hut Park (MLS Soccer)				--	Completed, Aug '05		Frisco

Frisco Soccer/Enter. Complex				--	Completed, Aug '05		Frisco

Univ. of North Texas Stadium				--	Planned				Denton

Dr. Pepper Starcenter					--	Completed, Late 2004		Farmers Branch

(^ 6th recent Starcenter arena built in suburban cities)

DFW Int'l Terminal D					--	Completed, 2005			DFW Int'l Airport

Las Colinas Live! (Entertainment Center)		--	Proposed			Irving

* list comprised of 'other' structures since '04.

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-- The Waverly at Cityplace (breaks ground within a month or two) labeled ZOM in the graphic in the next post.

--The Bryson at Cityplace (nearing completion but already leasing) labeled 7D in the above graphic

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Old Posted Aug 4, 2003, 3:52 AM
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From reading CTroy's site, it's safe to say Dallas is at the beginning of a boom in construction and realistic proposals. How about a thread here showing all that is going on around the metroplex.

Guess I'll start.

West Village / Cityplace / northern Uptown area

--announcing tomorrow 8-4-2003 will be a new Cityplace mixed use block including retail, residential and bank. It's the block labeled 7C in the above graphic. No renderings yet

A couple of blocks south of the West Village on McKinney is:

the Marquis on McKinney (nearing total completion, but leasing)

A few blocks south of the Marquis in State-Thomas are:

The recently announced ZaZa condominiums next to the Hotel ZaZa. No rendering yet


Drexel Montane (literally squeezing it's way into Uptown)

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please post any other announcements we get in DFW

Apartment boom hits Las Colinas
1,300 units going up by '05

Christine Perez
Senior writer

After a decade of scant multifamily development in the area, four companies are speeding ahead with apartment projects in the urban center of Las Colinas, a sprawling 12,000-acre masterplanned community in Irving.

The projects will add a whopping 1,300 units to the community over the next two years.

Three of the four developments are on the east side of Lake Carolyn, an area recently opened up by the completion of Lake Carolyn Parkway, a split-lane road that will eventually surround a Dallas Area Rapid Transit light-rail line.

"The urban center was always intended to be a 24-hour environment, but we've never had the rooftops," said Bobby Stewart, vice president at Cousins Properties, which serves as development manager for Las Colinas. "There is a pent-up demand, and now that the infrastructure is in place, we've made a few multifamily land sales."

United Dominion Realty snapped up 7.3 acres at the southwest end of Lake Carolyn Parkway and will begin construction on a 370-unit complex during the first quarter of 2004. Billingsley Co. closed last week on 5.3 acres just to the north on the east side of the street, with plans to build 270 units.

The Hanover Co., a Houston-based developer, has already begun work on The Lofts at Las Colinas, a four-story, 341-unit complex on 5.3 acres at Lake Carolyn Parkway and O'Connor Boulevard. The apartments will range in size from 750 to 1,550 square feet, said Ed Hamilton, development partner at Hanover.

"This project is not similar to anything in that market right now," he said. "It's patterned after one of our Houston projects called The Lofts at the Ballpark, which has a 9,000-square-foot clubhouse, a demonstration kitchen, 32-seat theater and cybercafe, conference center and two pools."

The Lofts at Las Colinas is the first Irving project for Hanover, which also owns Churchill on the Park in Dallas and The Lodge at Frisco Bridges in Frisco. Hamilton said the company was attracted to the urban center's high-end environment.

"It had a lot of things we look for, the concentration of the office sector and the access to retail," he said. "We like that it's a masterplanned area, that it's on the lake and the fact that we'll have rail coming in at some point. It costs more to be in Las Colinas, but the future is better for the property."

The fourth new project in Las Colinas will be developed by Palladium USA, the American affiliate of Palladium International Inc., based in Milan, Italy.

It will be adjacent to the only residential high-rise in Las Colinas, Grand Treviso, which Palladium finished last year.

The 17-story, $47 million Grand Treviso project is 90% leased, said Spencer Stuart, chief operating officer for Palladium.

"It's going well, considering the state of the economy," he said. "We've always liked and believed in the strength of the market in the urban center of Las Colinas."

Units in Grand Treviso range in size from 730 square feet to 3,070 square feet and in price from $895 per month to $6,615 per month. Those in the mid-rise segment of the development, which encircle the high-rise portion, are 99% leased.

Construction will get under way before year's end on Palladium's newest endeavor: Lofts Canal Side. The four-story project will be next to Grand Treviso at the southeast corner of Las Colinas Boulevard and Windgren Boulevard.

"Our success with the mid-rise buildings in Grand Treviso has given us confidence that a new project would also be successful," Stuart said.

Two sides of the complex will run along Mandalay Canal, the waterway that meanders through the urban center of Las Colinas. Amenities will include pedestrian access to the canal, restaurants and retail, along with a "spectacular" pool complex and garden retreat, Stuart said.

Underserved submarket
Kevin McGlaun, vice president at Cousins Properties, said the four multifamily projects will offer relief for area workers.

"We've got 100,000 people working here and only about 25,000 who live here," he said. "Of those who live here, probably less than half of them work here, so 90% of our daytime population is commuting out of Las Colinas every day."

"There have probably been only 1,500 units built here in the last eight to 10 years, because the infrastructure wasn't in place to allow it," McGlaun added. "Demand has never been the problem."

Still, the four new projects come at a time when the Metroplex apartment industry is struggling, with average rents falling 3.4% over the past 12 months and occupancy dropping to 90.2%, according to a recent report from M/PF Research Inc.

"Las Colinas has been proportionately underserved over the last several years, but I don't think there is pent-up demand anywhere at this point," said Greg Willett, director of research at M/PF.

The Dallas-Fort Worth market saw 12,300 new units delivered for the 12 months ended June 30, 2003, more than doubling the demand figure of 4,560.

Las Colinas performed better than other submarkets. Its mid-year occupancy of 92.5% was the best suburban performance in the Metroplex, and average rents remained stable.

"Compared to the overall market, there's a pretty big difference in performance there," Willett said. "I'd have a hard time defending a new multifamily project in Dallas right now, but if it is to happen, Las Colinas is a logical choice."

Contact DBJ writer Christine Perez at cperez@bizjournals.com or (214) 706-7120.

© 2003 American City Business Journals Inc.
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The Prado at Ashton Place (under construction) 20+ stories to be directly across the street from the Crescent in Uptown. No rendering yet, but construction photos and articles are surfacing.

being developed by The Hanover Company
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Celebrating 12 years of DallasTexan!

DallasTexan-Boomer-DhallassTecksanne-Disceaux Fantasia-Sulley-Optimus Prime-Gloria Estefan

...and others I've surely forgotten...
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It aint much of a big construction project, but it is an expansion of the Dallas World Aquarium downtown.

yeah, like anyone reads these signature things.....


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Wildflower Resort on Joe Pool Lake

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--The Davis Building (downtown) Under renovation for residential

Davis Building is on its way back as apartments


By STEVE BROWN / The Dallas Morning News

When the Davis Building opened in 1926, it was one of Dallas' tallest skyscrapers and the center of the city's financial community.

But for almost 20 years, the Main Street landmark has been empty, all but forgotten among the city's newer towers.

The building's days as a dusty derelict will end next month.

That's when developers begin showing model apartments in the 20-story downtown tower, which is being converted for residential use.

"We're still under budget and only a little bit behind schedule," said developer Ted Hamilton, who is planning to move the first tenants into the Davis Building in nine or 10 weeks. "The cement for swimming pool on the roof is poured, and we're laying the tile today.

Tom Fox / DMN
Developer Ted Hamilton of Hamilton Properties sits on the roof of the Davis Building. His company is redeveloping two of the city's downtown landmarks - the Davis and the Dallas Power & Light building.

"And I've got interest from several retail tenants for the lower level retail," he said.

One restaurant owner wants to convert a section of the former bank building's huge vaults in the basement into a unique – and no doubt secure – dining venue.

"Everything's moving along, but it's sure been an educational process," Mr. Hamilton said.

That's usually the case with vintage building renovations.

Surprises in the Davis Building included second-floor structural beams that engineers didn't know were there. "When we tore the walls out, we found that these beams would be blocking the hallways," he said.

And Mr. Hamilton – who's from Denver – admits he knew next to nothing about redoing 1920s Texas skyscrapers when he came to Dallas a few years ago.

Now Hamilton Properties is redeveloping two of the city's downtown landmarks – the Davis and the Dallas Power & Light building.

"We hadn't done any renovation work like this since the mid-1980s," said Mr. Hamilton, whose company came to Dallas when Denver hotelier Steve Holtze was shopping for the nearby Magnolia Building.

"Steve Holtze looked at turning either the Magnolia Building or the Davis Building into a hotel," Mr. Hamilton said. "When he picked the Magnolia Building, we asked if he minded us taking a run at the Davis Building."

Ideal for apartments

Built as the home for Dallas' Republic National Bank, the classical-style stone tower with the cupola on top was used as office space until the early 1980s.

A botched renovation in 1985 left the building wrecked inside and in foreclosure.

Hamilton Properties bought the office building last year after studying plans to convert it into a combination of hotel and residential space.

As it turned out, the Davis Building was better suited for apartments. The 182,000-square-foot building adjoins a high-rise parking garage on Elm Street.

"We ended up having to buy the Metropolitan Garage to make the deal work," Mr. Hamilton said. "We paid $2 million for the building and $7 million for that garage.

"The tail that wags the dog in downtown Dallas is parking," he said.

Now the Davis Building has plenty – more than 600 spaces in the garage to serve 183 apartments.

Lofts in the building – which average 1,000 square feet – will start at about $650 a month. The most expensive unit is the $9,000-a-month, two-story penthouse that includes access to the building's rooftop cupola.

"We're putting in a spiral staircase up to the cupola, which will have a private hot tub in it," Mr. Hamilton said. "It ought to be the sexiest spa in the city."

Downtown redevelopment boosters don't need hot tubs to be happy about the $35 million Davis redo.

"Having people move into that empty building will make a big difference," said Nancy Hormann, executive director of the Downtown Partnership. "Every time we add one of these redone buildings, we get an increase in the population downtown."

Recent surveys show that apartment occupancy levels in the central business district are slightly ahead of the overall occupancy for Dallas-Fort Worth, and rent concessions are lower.

Opening the Davis Building will bring life to the 1300 block of Main Street, which has been largely vacant on the north side.

"That whole side of the block has been a dead zone, while across the street it's doing great with the restaurants," Ms. Hormann said.

Up next

And Hamilton Properties is already doing design work on its next downtown project.

In January, the developer bought the 72-year-old Dallas Power & Light Building two blocks away on Commerce Street.

The19-story, art deco style DP&L Building and the Continental Supply Co. building – both vacant – will be converted into t about 160 apartments. The redevelopment will include construction of a parking garage behind the buildings on Jackson Street.

"All of the original stone interior finish is left in the lobbies of the DP&L building, unlike in the Davis Building, where it had been removed," Mr. Hamilton said. "At the top of the building, where there used to be an auditorium with arched windows, we are going to have multilevel penthouse units."

Hamilton Properties is scouting for other projects in Texas, he said.

The company was a partner in the recently opened Magnolia Hotel development in Houston.

"And I'm looking for other stuff to redo in Dallas," Mr. Hamilton said. "Most good building stock in Denver has already been redone.

"We were looking at paying $40 per square foot for a crummy warehouse to redo in Denver," he said.

"We could come to Texas and get a trophy building to redo for a fourth that price."

E-mail stevebrown@dallasnews.com

and the mentioned Dallas Power & Light building

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recent article on Uptown
partment construction is up in Uptown
Rents are going skyward, too, in Dallas' only booming area


By STEVE BROWN / The Dallas Morning News

Blink and you'll likely miss the latest addition to Uptown's growing residential base.

On a tiny Allen Street lot surrounded by apartment and retail buildings, developers are constructing a seven-story neo-classical building that will have just 30 luxury apartments.

Units in the Drexel Montane will rent for almost twice as much as the average Dallas-area apartment.

That's not unusual in an area of town where land is selling for more than $50 per square foot and only a handful of development sites remain.

Even so, Uptown remains Dallas' only booming construction market.

Along with the Montane, a half dozen luxury residential projects in the area are just opening, under construction or planned.

"We did take a little bit of a break in construction, but now it has kicked back up again," said Greg Willett, an apartment market analyst with M/PF Research. "We are going to test the depth of demand in the next 18 to 24 months."

To counter high land costs, it's not just the height of the buildings that are going up – rents for new projects are also sky-high.

Average rents in the area are now close to $1,100 a month, compared with about $683 for the entire D-FW area. Most new projects now average much higher in cost.

"There has certainly been a trend to move more upmarket," Mr. Willett said. "And yes, to some degree it's been required because of what developers are paying for the land."

The newest apartment projects in Uptown, with elaborate architecture and interior amenities to go with their fancy price tags, appeal to renters.

At the just-opened Bryson at Cityplace complex on Lemmon Avenue, the smallest "studio" apartment (540 square feet) rents for about $735 a month. "We go up to about $2,700 for a two-bedroom with a den or office and a downtown view," said Twila Turner with developer Fairfield Properties.

The seven-story red brick and stucco building across from the popular West Village shopping complex won't be completed until September and is already close to 40 percent leased.

Going up

A block away, at the just-opened Marquis on McKinney building, rents start at $1,000 for a 690-square-foot unit.

Developed by Austin-based builder CWS Apartment Homes LLC, the 10-story contemporary-style building contains 144 luxury rental units. The largest of the apartments, which is more than 1,600 square feet, is offered at $2,465 a month.

These buildings are small compared to a handful of much bigger residential towers about to kick off in Uptown.

Florida-based apartment builder ZOM Inc. is scheduled to break ground soon on its 20-story Waverly at Cityplace apartments at McKinney Avenue and Blackburn Street. The 218-unit rental tower's units will average more than 1,400 square feet.

ZOM officials didn't return phone calls to provide details about pricing or completion of the units. But brokers who work in the area expect them to break ground in the next few weeks.

A Houston builder – Hanover Co. – has already begun construction on a similar project closer to downtown.

The 20-story Prado at Ashton Place high-rise will have 267 "upscale" units. Construction is scheduled to be finished in 2005.


Market analysts said they question whether so many high-end rental units will glut the Uptown market.

"There is a significant block of product targeting a pretty narrow niche," Mr. Willett said.

Mike Puls, a rental market analyst with consultant Foley & Puls Inc., is more blunt in his assessment.

"Supply and demand tells us that it will be very hard to make all these deals work," he said. "All these large properties that are trying to achieve very high premiums for rent are ridiculous."

And they're not all just for rent. Several high-cost condominium projects are also in the works in Uptown.

At the Victory development next to American Airlines Center, developers recently announced plans for a 33-story combination W Hotel and condo tower. The 94 condominiums will range in price from less than $500,000 to more than $1.5 million.

Crescent Real Estate Equities Co. is working on a similar project next to its namesake Crescent complex on Pearl Street.

And Hotel ZaZa has announced plans for its own luxury condo development to augment the boutique hotel.

Of course not all of the contemplated projects are likely to be built.

"At this price premium, it's very hard to do a large number of projects," Mr. Puls predicted.
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West End mixed-use development by Fram

and article
Retail-residential project set for downtown

West End neighbor to have stores below, apartments above


By STEVE BROWN / The Dallas Morning News

A Canadian developer that has already built a successful Turtle Creek condo tower is coming downtown with a major new retail and residential project.

Fram Building Group of Toronto will build two blocks of shopping and apartment buildings on Ross Avenue next to downtown's West End entertainment district at Ross Avenue and Lamar Street.

The project will be constructed on the site of the United Way building.

The mixed-use development will be similar in scale to the new West Village complex on McKinney Avenue, with shops and restaurants on the ground floors and three floors of homes above.

A Canadian developer plans to construct two blocks of buildings containing shops and apartment at Ross Avenue and Lamar Street, on the site of the United Way building.
"We decided to build this style of project not only because of market research but also because it's next to the West End," said Fram Building Group president Frank Giannone. "People want a pedestrian life, and this brings them closer to that in downtown."

The 1001 Ross building will have about 30,000 square feet of retail space on the lower floor and more than 200 apartment units above.

"Our rents will range from $1,000 to slightly more than $2,000 a month," said Fram vice president Grant Lorimer. "We are trying to appeal to the people working downtown.

"And there are more than 50,000 people living within walking distance of this building," Mr. Lorimer said.

Fram developed the 23-story Mayfair condominium tower overlooking Lee Park. Completed last year, the luxury high-rise is one of the most successful such projects in Dallas.

The Fram downtown project will be the closest new apartment and retail complex to the city's core.

While several loft apartment and shopping projects are under way in Dallas' old financial district, they are in renovated historic buildings.

"Those projects have done well, but we think there is a demand for new construction," Mr. Lorimer said.

Dallas architect Humphreys & Partners designed the buildings with a combination of brick, stucco and glass exteriors.

"We're mixing a little bit of the West End feeling with a new high-tech look," said architect Mark Humphreys. "It's got an urban-looking loft feel."

Homes on the top floors of the buildings will be two levels, and Mr. Lorimer said the plan is "to give residents roof access" for a deck or terrace.

Fram has been working on the downtown project for more than two years.

Fram originally proposed building a condo tower on the Ross Avenue site but canceled those plans. The developer recently came back to the deal and this week closed the purchase of the former United Way building.

"Yes, it's taken us a while, but we are committed to this," Mr. Giannone said.

As part of the agreement with the United Way, the charity can remain in the building through August when its new local headquarters building is completed next door.

Fram will then tear down the old United Way building and start site work. Mr. Giannone said construction on the apartments will start before the end of the year.

Along with Fram, other partners in the project include Jack Schlatter and Mike McNulty.

Several other downtown developments, including some Main Street projects and the Victory development, are on hold pending large public-sector subsidies.

Mr. Giannone said Fram may later seek standard city tax incentives to support its planned retail space in the project, but it's going ahead regardless of city participation.

"We have a lot of experience with this type of development," Mr. Giannone said. "our company builds everything from single-family homes to high-rises."

E-mail: stevebrown@dallasnews.com

and here's a look at the World Aquarium rendering
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ZaZa Condos article
ZaZa developer to build condos next door

Condo-hotel concept to provide residents with perks like room service
Sandra Zaragoza Staff Writer

UPTOWN — A high-end residence affiliated with Uptown's Hotel ZaZa promises to bring posh amenities like concierge assistance, housekeeping services and restaurant cuisine to a homeowner's doorstep.

Oklahoma-based Charles S. Givens Interest Inc., the developer behind Hotel ZaZa, is planning to edge into Dallas' condo-hotel niche with a five story, 33-unit condominium building adjacent to the hotel at 2403 Thomas Ave.

Condo-hotel units are sold as a condo but are managed by a hotel. Hotel ZaZa's management, Utah-based Gemstone Resorts International, will most likely oversee the ZaZa condo property, but the decision has not been finalized. The condo owners will have access to amenities enjoyed by Hotel ZaZa lodgers.

Hotel ZaZa, with its 146-rooms and 13 concept suites, is Dallas' first boutique hotel. The hotel community has closely monitored interest in the hip, urban hotel, which opened in the middle of a hotel slump last December.

Developer Charlie Givens says the hotel has performed better than predicted, but is not releasing occupancy rates.

Givens has specialized in high-end condominiums, lakeside resorts and upscale retirement communities over the last decade. This is his first Dallas project.

The condo project, which has no official name, is expected to break ground between March and July. The units will range in size from 1,280 square feet to 2,950 square feet and will sell for about $250,000 to $595,000.

The condo-hotel niche is not totally unique to ZaZa. The Plaza Turtle Creek in Dallas, a two-building complex with 165 units, is the only property of its kind managed by a five-star hotel, The Mansion on Turtle Creek, according to its management.

The Plaza's residences range in price from $400,000 to $3 million for 1,300 square feet to 7,800 square feet. Real estate agents say the Plaza continues to attract major traffic from buyers in the market.

A buyer's comfort level in hotel-run residential properties has played an integral part in the success of such projects, said Sissy Alsabrook, vice president at Briggs-Freeman Real Estate Brokerage.

"People can identify (with the hotel/condo concept), it is a known commodity. If it is an individual or group-owned complex they don't know what to expect as far as management, as opposed to knowing a chain hotel and knowing what they're getting," Alsabrook said.

Experts say that in the past few years, condos affiliated with luxury hotels have appreciated faster in value than condos that don't have that affiliation.

"A condominium that is associated with a Ritz-Carlton or Hotel ZaZa receives premium pricing, the services are viewed very positively in the marketplace," said David Brown of Metrostudy, a Houston-based residential advisory service.

At least one other developer, Fort-Worth based Crescent Real Estate Equities, is rumored to be considering a condo-hotel project in the Uptown area. The company declined comment.

Givens believes the market conditions are ripe for the ZaZa-affiliated condo.

"It is a unique product that will have a synergy with Hotel ZaZa itself, and that is something no one else will have," Givens said.

Condo owners will tap into the Hotel ZaZa lifestyle through an optional membership program called Club ZaZa. For an undisclosed membership fee owners receive many of the hotel's amenities. Among them: 24-hour room service, housekeeping services and the ZaSpa and Fitness Center.

Alsabrook believes that the condos will pique the interest of a small market. "But, it will find its niche," she said.

Ted Wilson, partner with consultant Residential Strategies Inc., says the high-rise residence market is extremely competitive, but targeting a specific niche "is exactly what they should be doing."

Givens believes the condos will have wide appeal, attracting both young professionals and empty nesters.

The condo's architecture will have the same "French character" as Hotel ZaZa, Givens said. Design will be handled by Oklahoma-based Richard R. Brown and Associates, but a builder has not yet been named.

Contact DBJ writer Sandra Zaragoza at szaragoza@bizjournals.com or (214) 706-7113.
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i was just about to post the Joe Pool Lake Resort in Grand Prairie but here's one of where it'll be placed. The peninsula has about 4 miles of shoreline.

yeah, like anyone reads these signature things.....


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The recently completed Pavillion at the Belo Mansion. It's a huge expansion of the Belo Mansion (located in the Arts district ) which is the headquarters of the Dallas Bar

I imagine this will be a popular prom location
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W Hotel and condos in Victory. 33 Stories. Breaks ground in October

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American Airlines Center south plaza (announced with W Hotel)
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Woodall Rodgers "signature" bridge (approved, designed, and fully funded. Awaiting final Trinity Parkway alignment and approval, which is due next fall) Not a proposal, but a reality.

400 ft tall!
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My two favorites, as my favorite sports happen to be football and auto-racing

--Cowboys new stadium aka Jerry World
promises to be the premier sporting venue in the world. It has passed it's state approvals to have a vote for it, most likely next May or Nov '04. The Cowboys are down to two sites (Las Colinas or the banks of the Trinity just across I-30 from the Dallas CBD)

I hate that it is years away though

--Boundless Motorplex(Waxahachie, small town being swallowed by southern edge of new metroplex sprawl)
Future USGP home? MotoGP? CART? IRL? WSBK? This thing actually looks like it's going to be a reality, as they reported back in April that they had reached the halfway point of the $250 million needed to build the whole development. I also noticed that last month they began posting jobs, so that is promising. They have already submitted their designs to the FIA and FIM for approval, so we are talking the real deal, as only 1 track is FIA/FIM approved in the whole US, and that is the IMS road course. I would bet Eddie Gossage(Texas Motor Speedway GM) is hating this, as he commented that it would never happen since there isn't enough road racing to support it.

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Interesting note with this rending of the Joe Pool Lake development:

Notice the lighthouse at the edge of the rendering. Fake lighthouses seem to be all the rage now, especially along the shores of Lake Travis, down here in Ausitn (by fake i mean non-functional lighthouse). I counted at least 3 of them... one located within a super high-end development , high on a hill, above Mansfield Dam and park... and another one within the affluent "Northshore" development between Jonestown and Lago Vista (on the VERY scenic North Shore of lake travis). In the first example, the 'lighthouse' was created out of an old, water tower, that was very much an eyesore. Now its a huge landmark, and very prominent. YOu can see it all the way from here in Cedar Park (7-8 miles NE).
Home of the 2005 National Champion Texas Longhorns
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July 10, 2003
600-foot observation wheel planned for Euless development
Construction of a 600-foot observation wheel is being planned at a 200-acre development called the Villages of Bear Creek in Euless, owned by Bear Creek Associates II and Bear Creek Associates III partnerships.

Bennett Realty Group of Laguna Hills, Calif., will provide the required acreage for Voyager Entertainment International Inc. (BB: VEII) to build the observation wheel and an entertainment complex.

The land will be developed as a "town center" or "lifestyle center." The proposed development will include retail, a theater, restaurants, nightclubs and entertainment venues, as well as a mixture of office space, hotels, and high-rise residential living.

The 600-foot tall high-tech attraction to be built by Voyager of Las Vegas, will have the capacity of 7.5 million guests per year with an average individual ride ticket of $18, according to Voyager.

Each wheel consists of 32 sky cruisers seating 20 passengers and making a complete revolution every 27 minutes. Each sky cruiser consists of its own galley and bathroom.

This new concept surpasses that of the London Eye Ferris Wheel, which has approximately 4 million riders per year, according to Voyager.

Web site: www.voyager-ent.com

© 2003 American City Business Journals Inc.

Euless (pop. 50,000) is halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth off Hwy 183 and Southwest of DFW Airport.

Last edited by DFW; Aug 4, 2003 at 6:18 PM.
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