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Old Posted Dec 29, 2011, 10:11 PM
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Week in the life: Germany!

Part two of the European vacation...

Romania was a lot more hectic...whereas Germany was a lot more relaxing...we went and visited/stayed with my wife's cousin who are also our wedding Godparents and spent more days just lounging around the house vs running around everywhere.

Anyway, let's get things going...

Our final destination was Nuremberg but we had a layover in Munich. Had we known this would be the only show we'd see the whole time, we would have taken it in a bit more.

Landing in Munich.

3 hours layover meant it was snack time!

Strolling through the airport this caught my attention...so damn sexy. Not too big on the interior color but I'd take it just like it is.

We ended up at our gate...after 2 hours of walking around, to find that our flight had been cancelled due to weather. Fantastic! Next step? Get in this line to get rebooked...

Except we didn't get rebooked, but pulled out of line about 20 minutes later and put on a bus...it's 2 hours to Nuremberg by bus vs a 1 hour flight plus dealing with the airport and all, the bus wasn't a bad way to go.

And we got a snack bag! Winning!

We ended up making it to Nuremberg 7 hours after leaving Romania and got in pretty late, the next day just sort of hung around the house and headed out for dinner in the evening.


Lots and lots of meat.

Everyone was really into their cell phones. :laugh1:

Hit up the Nuremberg Christmas Market afterwards. Lots of people everywhere and lots and lots of food.

Next day, driving back to the Old Center of Nuremberg...the Nuremberg Opera.

Streets of Nuremberg...

Back at the Christmas Market...

This was a bad idea. Not because it didn't taste good, because it was great, but I had already eaten a steak and onion sandwich, had a crepe and drank a sort of eggnog drink before having this...all within about 15 minutes.

3250 Euro funky bike!

Next couple of days we hung around the house, had Christmas and just relaxed.

On the final day before we left, we headed up to Rothenburg, about an hour away from Nuremberg. Fantastic medieval city that was largely spared by Allied bombing in WWII (well, if you can consider that only 30% of the city was demolished as "spared".)

Before hitting the autobahn, snapped some photos of a Hitler built stadium in Nuremberg...

And onto the autobahn! Digital speed limit signs...when they're off, it's a free for all!

Doing about 105 MPH, my wife was hating life so we didn't go much faster and I admit, I felt a bit nervous too being a passanger and not used to someone driving that fast. We were mainly in the right hand lane and had people passing us constantly at probably 120+ MPH.

German countryside.

Getting into Rothenburg, city gate tower built in 1388.

Quaint, like out of a story book.

Had to do some climbing to get a shot...shit felt a lot steeper than it looks in the pictures now.

City hall, still in use today. Climbed all the way to the top, 196 steps.

Before climbing though, took a walk around a small museum at the base.

Down to the dungeon. My wife got creeped out and didn't stay, I thought it was neat.

Torture instruments.

Who needs cigars when you can have sausages?!

Finally made it up to the top of the tower, nice views.

Crazy small streets...and they aren't just alleys, they had streets names and the whole deal. The house there was built in 1500.

The city walls surround the whole place and are great for walking around and getting some good views.

Got back into Nuremberg and had one last dinner, with the obligatory German beer.

Back at the airport, one last bockwurst before heading back to the good ol' USA. Hope you enjoyed.
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Old Posted Dec 29, 2011, 10:33 PM
dtnphx dtnphx is offline
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What a great treat to see those photos. Thank you, HX.
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Old Posted Dec 30, 2011, 7:18 AM
Leo the Dog Leo the Dog is offline
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Rothenburg is a fascinating town. Nicely done!
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Old Posted Jan 25, 2012, 6:12 AM
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Man, I'm craving German encased meats and beers...
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