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Bein Arim Tower100proposed(1)
Keren HaKirya Main Tower80proposed(1)
Azrieli Center Ellipse Tower85proposed(1)
ToHa Towers 163proposed(3)
Dofen HaKirya60proposed(1)
Keren HaKirya Residential Tower A50proposed(1)
Tara Towers55proposed(1)
Maariv Tower50proposed(1)
H Infinity Tower II50proposed(1)
Sitonai Market Tower 448proposed(1)
Sitonai Market Tower 348proposed(1)
Keren HaKirya Residential Tower B45proposed(1)
Park Bavli Tower D44proposed(1)
Dolphinarium Tower 136proposed
Congress Tower34proposed
WIZO Tower 230proposed
WIZO Tower 130proposed
Isrotel Residences30proposed
Alon Tower30proposed
Azorim Beit Lessin28proposed
Dolphinarium Hotel26proposed
Gazit Paz House19proposed
Metropolis Tower17proposed
WE TLV 212proposed
Metropolitan Tower40proposed