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Ramat Gan is in the metropolitian area of Tel Aviv.
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Ramat Gan

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Elite Residences65under construction
Moshe Aviv Tower68built2001(6)
Elite Office Tower47under construction
Sapphire Tower43built2019(1)
Ganim Towers 546proposed
Ganim Towers 446proposed
Ganim Towers 644proposed
One Tower37under construction
Sheraton City Tower41built2000(4)
Amot Tower35built2015(1)
Menora Tower35built2018(1)
Time Tower40built2017
Ayalon Tower35built2008(4)
Pisgat Dan - Jabotinsky 10542built2019(1)
Geffen Tower II41under construction
ICON Tower30under construction(2)
Gibor Sport House32built1999(3)
Savyon Mofet31built2017
Ganim Towers 333proposed
Ganim Towers 233proposed
Ganim Towers 133proposed
Maslavi Elite 232under construction
Maslavi Elite 132built2017
Savyon Tower34built2007(2)
Diamond Tower32built1990(4)
Harel Insurance House 226built2015(1)
Geffen Tower Tower I32built2014(1)
Faire Tower31built2012
City Park31built2007
HaMatmid Towers 130built2020
Aura Ramat Chen 330under construction
Aura Ramat Chen 230under construction
Aura Ramat Chen 130under construction
Ordea Tower30built2014
Gindi Heights 230built2010(1)
Gindi Heights 130built2010(1)
Rama Theater Tower28built2015
Marom Negba32built2017
Or BaSdera28proposed
BSR Tower 124built2004(3)
56 Neveh Yehoshua30built2012
Skyline Tower28built2012(1)
Dori-Achman Tower23built2004(2)
D-Mall Tower25built1978(2)
Hogi House22built2008(2)
Smart Tower II24built2019
Smart Tower I24built2019
Savyonei Ramat Gan 324built2008
Savyonei Ramat Gan 121built
Harel House26built1996(4)
Shimshon Tower22built1964(2)
Samsung Building22built2001(2)
CheckPoint Building15built2009
Migdaley Paz 120built1996(2)
Shikma Tower23built2011
Arava Tower23built2011
Unik Alpha22built2016
Aloney Borochov 119built2004
Alonei Borohov 219built2004
Shap House19built1999
Sha'haf Tower19built1996(1)
The Garden Tower17built2003
Gruner Tower19built1996(1)
Oren Tower19built
Dekel Tower19built
Alon Tower19built2001
Avgad House17built1987(1)
Alram Tower19built
Patio Tower18built
183 Ben Gurion Road18built
Silver House16built1978(1)
Tel Benjamine Tower 416built
Tel Benjamine Tower 316built
Tel Benjamine Tower 216built
Tel Benjamine Tower 116built
Oz House16built1995(1)
Orek House16built1994(1)
Twin Tower 213built1993(1)
Twin Tower 113built1993(2)
Keren House15built
Marom Nave 214built
Marom Nave 114built
No'am House15built1980(2)
142 Aba Hilel15built
3 HaTikva Street14built
17 Ben Gurion Road12built
150 Bialik Street13built
Savyonei Ramat Gan 219built
Moshe Yigal Ginadi16built
Oasis Tower 215built
Oasis Tower 115built
62 Jabutinski Road15built
85 Jabutinski Road14built
83 Jabutinski Road12built
Laz-rom Building11built1998
America-Israel Investment House11built
6 HaChilazon Street11built
6 HaChilazon Street11built
3 Pen Building11built1999