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Arlozorov Young Towers57under construction(1)
Azrieli Town Residences51under construction
Rom Tel Aviv50under construction(2)
H Infinity Tower I50under construction(1)
Sarona Hotel46under construction(1)
Da Vinci Towers 244under construction(1)
Da Vinci Towers 144under construction(1)
Sitonai Market Tower 248under construction(2)
Sitonai Market Tower 148under construction(2)
Azrieli Town Office Tower40under construction
Park Bavli Tower C44under construction(1)
Park Bavli Tower B44under construction(1)
Recital H Tower34under construction
Acro Tower32under construction
Shadal Tower30under construction
WE TLV 131under construction
Delek Motors Tower28under construction
Assuta Tower28under construction
David Promenade Residences Tower B26under construction
Green Park Tower II25under construction
Vitania Tower17under construction
Green Park Tower III17under construction
Gindi Tel Aviv 1116under construction