Capital of Bulgaria.
Special Administrative status of capital - not a part of any of the administrative regions (oblasts)

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Sky Fort47under construction(1)
Capital Fort Business Center27built2015(1)
Arco Towers West24proposed
Arco Towers East24proposed
RMS Tower34proposed
Millenium Center Building A32built2018
JBI Tower34proposed
Arcon Towers 332proposed
Arcon Towers 232proposed
Arcon Towers 132proposed
Millenium Center Building B24built2016
Ropotamo Plaza30proposed
Rodina Hotel25built1981(2)
Metro Building29proposed
Sofia Business Tower26proposed
Confederation of Independent Trade Unions ...22built(1)
Kempinski Hotel Zografski22built1979(1)
Hemus Hotel20built1976(1)
Sopharma Business Center Tower 322built2011
Park Hotel Moskva23built1974(2)
Millenium Center Building C18built2016
Hotel Princess Sofia16built1977(1)
Mladost 1 Block 1V24built
Sopharma Business Center Tower 219built2011
City Tower19built2012
Benchmark Center17built2009
Hotel Pliska14built1969(1)
Vertigo Business Tower16built
Zona B-19 Blocks 15-1622built1993
Zona B-19 Blocks 13-1422built1988
Zona B-19 Blocks 11-1222built
Mladost 3 Block 37022built
Mladost 2 Block 21322built
BLU Offices Building B16built2011
BLU Offices Building A16built2011
Mladost 3 Block 37221built
Mladost 3 Block 37121built
Mladost 3 Block 34221built
Mladost 2 Block 21221built
Mladost 2 Block 20121built
Mladost 2 Block 21520built
Mladost 2 Block 21420built
Mladost 1 Block 1B20built
Mladost 1 Block 1A20built
Mladost 1 Block 120built
Antim Tower20built2005
Sopharma Business Center Tower 116built2011
Mladost 1 Block 4118built
National Palace of Culturebuilt1981(1)
Hilton Garden Inn12built2011
Business Center Bellissimo12built2005
Sitnyakovo Tower30proposed
Grami Complex22built
Ellipse Center15built
Borisova Gradina TV Tower14built1959(2)