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Trilogy Iproposed
Trilogy IIproposed
Trilogy IIIproposed
Torre Verde30proposed
Torre Europarco31built2012(1)
Palazzo Eni23built1962(2)
Telecom Italia20built1965(2)
Palazzo Inail21built1965(3)
Grattacielo Italia20built1960(1)
Palazzo della Civiltà del Lavoro12built1940(2)
Torri Ligini III17built1961(1)
Torri Ligini II17built1961(1)
Torri Ligini I17built1961(1)
Centro Congressi Italia21built2013
La Lama15built2014(1)
Door of Rome Hotel Tower18built2007
Via Nairobi 4016built(1)
Viale Ignazio Silone 18716built
Viale Ignazio Silone 9515built
Viale Ignazio Silone 5415built
Viale Ignazio Silone 3515built
Viale Ignazio Silone 24215built(1)
Viale Ignazio Silone 15215built(1)
Viale Ignazio Silone 13315built(1)
Viale Ignazio Silone 10615built
Viale Filippo Tommaso Marinetti 7115built(1)
Viale Filippo Tommaso Marinetti 3615built(1)
Viale Filippo Tommaso Marinetti 1315built
Via Paolo Buzzi 7915built
Via Paolo Buzzi 7615built
Via Paolo Buzzi 6115built
Via Paolo Buzzi 615built
Via Paolo Buzzi 2915built
Via Paolo Buzzi 17215built
Via Paolo Buzzi 14115built
Via Luigi Chiarini 315b15built
Via Luigi Chiarini 315a15built
Via Laurentina 82415built
Via Laurentina 81815built
Via Laurentina 80015built
Via Laurentina 72215built
Via George Byron 2915built
Via Francesco Sapori 11b15built
Via Francesco Sapori 11a15built
Via del Caucaso 4915built(1)
Via del Caucaso 2115built(1)
Via Carlo Linati 1115built
Istituto Nazionale della Previdenza Sociale14built
Ministerio Building14built1960
Ospedale S. Eugenio13built
Palazzo dei Congressi3built1954(1)
Museo dell'Ara Pacis3built2006