Riga is the capital city of Latvia, and the largest city of the Baltic states. The city lies on Baltic Sea at the mouth of the River Daugava. Riga historic city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and includes an extensive collect of Art Nouveau-styled architecture.

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Zunda Towers33built2016(9)
Swedbank Central Office27built2004(7)
Panorama Plaza III32under construction(7)
Panorama Plaza II32built2007(5)
Academy of Science21built1958(6)
Panorama Plaza I27built2006(5)
Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija27built1976(5)
Da Vinci27on hold(3)
Ministry of Agriculture Building26built1976(7)
Latvijas Televizija22built1987(4)
Astra Lux24built2007(3)
Solaris II25built2005(5)
Solaris I25built2005(5)
Philosophers Residence19built2018
Preses Nams22built1977(5)
Aizkraukles Bank Central Office20proposed(2)
New Hanza City Hotel Building19proposed(1)
Skanstes Virsotnes IV24built2012(2)
Skanstes Virsotnes III24built2011(2)
Skanstes Virsotnes II24built2008(3)
Skanstes Virsotnes I24built2008(3)
Rietumu Capital Centre20built2008(4)
National Latvian Library13built2014(5)
Centra Nams9built2005(2)
Madonas 2319built1984(1)
Europa Business Center16built2009(3)
Madonas 2118built1980(3)
Lubanas 12318built1990(2)
Lubanas 12118built(3)
Lubanas 11918built1995(3)
Ilukstes 9918built(2)
Dambja Street 818on hold
27 A. Sakharov St.18built1991(2)
Krasta iela 99a17on hold(1)
Jauna Teika Complex II17built2015(1)
Imantas Perle Korpuss 117built2007(2)
Teodors & Henrihs16built2019(2)
Pulkveza Brieza 24C16proposed(1)
Pulkveza Brieza 24B16proposed(1)
Jupiter Centre14built2012(3)
Akademiska Biblioteka14built(2)
Kleistu 217built1991(2)
Anninmuizas 2817built(2)
Dzelzavas 7016built2004(2)
Place Eleven14built2016
Gailezers Hospital12built1979(2)
VEF Telecom Tower9built1912(1)
Duntes Ozoli17built2006(2)
Dzirnavu 5711built1940(2)
Zolitudes 34-117built(2)
Serenes 417built(4)
Salacas 1617built(2)
Mezciema 23/117built(4)
Mezciema 2317built(4)
Hipokrata St. 1317built1982(2)
Hipokrata 917built(2)
Hipokrata 1117built1982(2)
Bikernieku 10217built(4)
Anninmuizas Blvd. 417built1980(2)
Anninmuizas 617built(2)
Anninmuizas 217built(2)
A. Sakharov St. 2017built1980(2)
A. Saharova 2217built(2)
Vienibas Gatve 16417built(4)
Spilves Str 2316on hold(1)
Spilves 2515built1982(3)
Preses Nams quarter 111under construction
Business center "Verde"11built2022
Zebiekstes Iela 512built(1)
Vienibas Gatve 192-312built2004(1)
Ozolciema Iela 812built2004(1)
Kojusalas Iela 1912built(1)
Kojusalas Iela 1712built(1)
Hotel Karavella12built1991(1)
D. Brantkalna 912built(1)
D. Brantkalna 712built(1)
A. Saharova 1312built(1)
Zolitudes Nams14built2005(1)
Rostokas 6213built(1)
Purvciema 1313built(1)
Marcienas 913built(1)
Marcienas 713built(1)
Lielvardes 11513built(1)
Lielvardes 10913built(1)
Lielvardes 10713built(1)
Lielvardes 10313built(1)
Lielvardes 10113built(1)
Juglas 1213built(1)
Ulbrokas 712built(1)
Pales 14/1312built(1)
Jurmalas Gatve 6512built(1)
Jurmalas Gatve 5312built(1)
Ilukstes 4612built(1)
Dzelzavas 4212built(1)
Dzelzavas 4012built(1)
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