A city of eastern China on the Yellow Sea north-northwest of Shanghai. It is a leading industrial and tourist center. The city was leased in 1898 to the Germans, who established a famed brewery.

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Super Haitian Center Office Tower75built2021(4)
Greenland Center Tower [1]74under construction(1)
Lianyungang Lu 6656built2018(2)
Shimao Yunding Towerproposed
Qingdao International Trade Center Tower B51built2012(2)
Qingdao International Trade Center Tower A51built2012(2)
Haitian Center 356built2021(1)
Q.164on hold(1)
Qingdao International Finance Center54built1999(2)
IMC Centre52built2011(1)
Excellence Century Center57built2016(2)
Farglory International Plaza42built2011(1)
Parkson Plaza49built1998(1)
Jinshi International Plaza [1]54built2016(1)
Haitian Center 240built2021(1)
Qingdao World Trade Center Tower A54built2010(1)
No.9 Donghai Road B50built2008(2)
No.9 Donghai Road A50built2008(1)
Holiday Inn Qingdao38built1998(1)
Greenland Center Tower [2]48built2017
Qianhao International Plaza A49built2007
Jinshi International Plaza [2]built2015
Qingdao International Trade Center Tower C43built2012
Zhidi Building 250built
Zhidi Building 150built
Majesty Mansion40built
Fenghe Plaza 143built2006(1)
Greenland Center Tower [3]42built
Huaren International Mansion33built2002(2)
The International Customer Transportation ...42built
The International Customer Transportation ...42built
Qingdao Information Mansion42built2009
Qingdao World Trade Center Tower Bbuilt2010
Qingdao Qilin Hotel33built2000
Taxation Mansion27built(1)
Qianhao International Plaza B36built2007
Qingdao Custom24built
Fenghe Plaza 232built2006(1)
Qingdao HSBC Tower A25built2004
China Unicom Tower30built(1)
Qingdao World Trade Center A33built
Shandong International Trade Mansion36built1991
Kaixuan Mansion29built2002(1)
Qingdao Sunshine Tower 130built
Cosco Plaza28built(1)
Qingdao HSBC Tower B29built
China Everbright Bankbuilt
Donghai International Building34built
Victory Plaza33built
Netgrid Tower33built
Binhai Garden 433built
Binhai Garden 333built
Binhai Garden 233built
Binhai Garden 133built
Jindu Garden C32built1994(1)
Jindu Garden B32built1994(1)
Jindu Garden A32built1994(1)
Qingdao Jianyin Hotel28built
Qingdao Railway Residence35built
Qingdao Jianyin Hotel28built
The Agora30built2010
Qingdao Sunshine Tower30built2006
Futai Plaza B26built
Futai Plaza A26built
Jimo Trade City Office Tower27built
Qingdao Hisense Mansion25built(1)
Qingdao World Trade Center B22built
Tsingtao Beer Tower21built
Jinwan Hotel21built
Huiquan Dynasty Hotel25built
Grand Regency Hotel24built
Qingdao Sunshine Tower 221built
Hotel Equatorial24built
Post & Telecom Hotel21built
Jing Shan Hotel21built1981
Huanghai Hotel21built
Wanguo Tongyun International Business Tower16built
The Beihai Hotel18built
Shangri-La Hotel Qingdao18built1997
Haiding Holiday Hotel16built
Surf Plaza Resort Hotel15built
Huiguan Hotel12built1979
Sheraton Huangdao Hotel15built2016
Yutai Buildingbuilt2008
Qingdao International United Centreproposed
Four Points By Sheraton Qingdaobuilt
China Resources Centerproposed
Century Haifeng Hotelbuilt