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Morinomachi Grace Okayama The Tower37built2021
Grace Tower32built2002(1)
NTT Cred Okayama21built1999(1)
Grace Tower 229built2006(1)
Famile Tower Plaza Okayama29built1996(2)
Lit City Building19built2005
Sanyo Shimbun Headquarters20built2006(1)
Hotel Granvia Okayama19built1995(1)
Forum City Building21built2001
Core Hommachi23built2003
Lumino Heiwacho20built2009
Lions Tower Okayama Omotecho23built2007(1)
Grace Tower 321built2019
Sumitomo Seimei Okayama Building21built1977(1)
Kawasaki Medical University General Hospital15built2016
Benesse Headquarters14built1990(1)
National Hospital Organization Okayama Med...12built2001
Mitsui Seimei Okayama Building14built1979(1)
Okayama Saiseikai General Hospital13built
Chugoku Bank Head Office12built1992(1)
Okayama Symphony Building12built
Health Science Campus Okayama University H...11built
Okayama Daiichi Seimei Building14built(1)
Okayama International Hotel13built
Urban View Shiroshita18built2006(1)
Nissay Okayama Square13built(1)
Florence Hommachi Grand City15built2007(1)
Docomo Chugoku Higashi-Furumatsu Building8built2004
Okayama Castle5built1966(1)