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James Monroe Building29built1981(2)
600 Canal Place20built2019(2)
SunTrust Plaza26built1983(4)
Federal Reserve Bank Building26built1978(3)
Bank of America Tower26built1974(5)
Richmond City Hall20built1971(1)
Riverfront Plaza West20built1990(2)
Riverfront Plaza East20built1990(2)
Main Street Centre 123built1986
Two James Center21built1987
BB&T Bank Building19built1913(1)
Eighth & Main Building20built1975(1)
One James Center20built1985(1)
Central National Bank22built1930(1)
Gateway Plaza18built2015(1)
Marriott Hotel18built1984
One Capitol Square23built1964
Omni Hotel20built1987
Seventh & Franklin Building18built1967
Rhoads Hall18built1968
Monroe Park Towers18built1972
700 East Main Street17built1964
John Tyler Building11built1992(1)
Three James Center12built1987(1)
John Marshall Hotel15built1929
Crowne Plaza Hotel16built1986
Vistas on the James18built2007
Ross Building18built1965(1)
VCUMC Williams Clinic15built1940
Riverside on the James I15built2005(1)
James Madison Building15built1964
Thomas Jefferson Building15built1964
Rivers Tower15built1965
VCUMC Main Building14built1982
Old State-Planters Bank Tower15built1923
Radisson Hotel14built
Lexington Apartment Building12built
Washington Building13built
Virginia Department of Transportation Annex17built1964
Hathaway Tower13built
VCUMC Sanger Hall12built
600 East Broad13built1984
Trolley Square17built(1)
The Prestwould13built1925
Gateway Building10built2002
Berkshire Apartments14built1964(1)
Heritage Bank Building10built1904
Old Vepco Headquarters12built1913
The Locks at 32112built2019
VCU Medical Center Critical Care Tower11built2007
Frederic A. Fay Tower11built1971
North Hospital10built
Johnson Hall12built1915
General Assembly Building12built1913
Grace Place Apartments11built1923
Old C&P Telephone Headquarters11built
Commonwealth Park Suites Hotel11built1904
Cabaniss Hall10built1967
River's Edge at Manchester10built2019
Capitol Place14built
Riverside on the James II12built2005
The Mutual Building13built1904
Theatre Row Office Building10built1993
Broad Street Apartment Building12built1927
629 East Main Street14built1922
Ninth Street Office Building12built
Gladding Residence Center12built2018
Boulders 37built(1)
Federal Building13built1960(1)
530 East Main Street10built
Warren W. Brandt Hall17built2005
Old City Hall4built1894