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Bank of America Financial Center20built1981(2)
Wells Fargo Center18built1982(2)
Paulsen Medical Center19built1929(1)
US Bank Building16built1910(1)
The Davenport Hotel Tower20built2007(1)
Washington Mutual Building15built1973(2)
Park Tower20built1974(1)
Washington Trust Financial Center16built1973(1)
The Davenport Hotel14built1914(1)
Parkade Plaza11built1967(1)
Davenport Grand Hotel16built2015
Cathedral Plaza15built(1)
Paulsen Building11built1909
Riverfalls Tower15built1973
Cooper George Retirement & Assisted Living...13built1952
Review Building10built1891(1)
Doubletree Hotel Spokane15built1974
Sacred Heart Medical Center - Main Tower14built1971
WestCoast Ridpath Hotel13built1952
Lilac Plaza13built1972(1)
Spokane Federal Building10built(1)
Bon Marche Building8built
Red Lion Hotel at the Park12built1983
Coeur d'Alene Plaza11built
Qwest Communications10built
Delenay Building8built1946(1)
Sherwood Building8built1916
Spokane County Courthouse4built1895