Liverpool is a city and metropolitan borough in the ceremonial county of Merseyside. It is a well-known cultural centre, and a scenic waterfront city.

Official City Website: http://www.liverpool.gov.uk/

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Garden Festival Tower79cancelled
Brunswick Quay51cancelled(2)
Capital Exchange40cancelled
Consortium 440vision(1)
Beetham West Tower40built2007(2)
Consortium 3 Tower 235vision
Consortium 3 Tower 135vision
Royal Liver Building13built1911(1)
Consortium 1 Tower 130vision
Beetham Tower Liverpool27built2004(1)
Alexandra Tower27built2008(1)
Unity Residential27built2006(2)
Lime Street Gateway Tower27cancelled(1)
Grand Central Station Tower 125stale proposal
New Hall Place13built1974(1)
Metropolitan House18built1974(2)
1 Princes Dock22built2006(1)
Logan Towers22destroyed(1)
Corinth Tower22destroyed(1)
St George's Heights22destroyed
Pendine Close22destroyed(1)
Linosa Close22destroyed(1)
Kenley Close22destroyed(1)
Entwhistle Heights22destroyed
Unity Commercial16built2006(1)
Sir John Moores Building18built1965(2)
Grand Central Station Tower 220stale proposal
Consortium 1 Tower 220vision
Randle Heights 218destroyed
Randle Heights 118destroyed
Silkhouse Court15built(2)
Concourse House15destroyed(2)
Crete Towers16built(1)
Candia Towers16built(2)
View 146 Tower 216built(1)
View 146 Tower 116built1965(1)
Marwood Towers16built1965(2)
Royal Liverpool University Hospital12built(1)
Winterburn Heights 315destroyed
Winterburn Heights 215destroyed
Winterburn Heights 115destroyed
Valley Views15destroyed
Storrington Heys 515destroyed(1)
Storrington Heys 415destroyed(1)
Storrington Heys 315destroyed(1)
Storrington Heys 215destroyed(1)
Storrington Heys 115destroyed(1)
Rock View15destroyed(1)
Regal Tower15destroyed
Mill View15built1967(1)
Langholme Heights15built1967(1)
Joseph Morgan Heights15destroyed
Hetherlow Towers 215destroyed(1)
Hetherlow Towers 115destroyed(1)
Heathcliffe House15destroyed
Haigh Heights15destroyed(1)
Crosbie Heights15destroyed(1)
Childwall Heights 315destroyed(1)
Childwall Heights 215destroyed(1)
Childwall Heights 115destroyed(1)
Canterbury Heights15destroyed(1)
Brynford Heights15destroyed
Bispham House15built1969(1)
Altview Heights15destroyed
Altbridge Park 315built1968(1)
Altbridge Park 215built1968(1)
Altbridge Park 115built1968(1)
Adlington House15built1967(1)
York House14built1965(1)
Sydenham House14built1965(1)
Sheehan Heights14destroyed
Seacombe Tower14destroyed
Sandside View14destroyed
Rutland House14built1965(1)
Mere Bank14built1966(1)
Mazzini House14destroyed
Macmillan House14destroyed
Leighton View14destroyed
Heysmoor Heights14built1966
Garibaldi House14destroyed
Ellison Tower14destroyed
Edinburgh Tower14destroyed
Eden House14destroyed
Churchill House14destroyed
Chamberlain House14destroyed
Cavour House14destroyed
Buckingham House14built1965(1)
Brompton House14built1965(1)
Attlee House14destroyed
Thistle Hotel Liverpool12built
Olive Mount Heights 313destroyed(1)
Olive Mount Heights 213destroyed(1)
Olive Mount Heights 113destroyed(1)
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