Yilan City

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Yoai Building16built1996(1)
Platinum Hall18built2021(1)
F.G.S. Lanyang Yuan14built1998(1)
Yanping Lijing 316built1993(1)
Yanping Lijing 216built1993(1)
Luna Plaza11built2008(1)
Yigu Jinmen 215built1992(1)
Yigu Jinmen 115built1992(1)
Yanping Lijing 414built1993(1)
Yanping Lijing 114built1993(1)
Xueshan Village 414built2004(1)
Xueshan Village 314built2004(1)
Xueshan Village 214built2004(1)
Xueshan Village 114built2004(1)
Huanhuan Xixi12built2017(1)
Yigu Jinmen 312built1992(1)