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Kaiyue 3 - Provence24built2014(1)
Mansion One22built2021(1)
Jiaoxi Tangyuan 218built2021(1)
Kilin JiaoXi18built2017(1)
Luo Yan16built2016(1)
Mu Jiao Xi Hotel14built2017(1)
Kaiyue 3 - Toscany14built2014(1)
Hotel Valletta11built2017(1)
Park One14built2017(1)
Onsen Mountain B13built2008(1)
Onsen Mountain A13built2008(1)
Pine Mansion13built2016(1)
the One13built2016(1)
Wenquan Shijia 714built2008(1)
Kaiyue 214built2006(1)
Xi Pin Yuan12built2015(1)
Jiaoxi Tangyuan13built2008(1)
Fong Jiaoxi12built2018(1)
Kaiyue Hot Springs Vacation13built1997(1)
Maison De Chine Jiaoxi13built2018(1)
Tangchen B11built2006(1)
Tangchen A11built2006(1)
Muen Hot Spring Hotel13built2008(1)