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Ubless 47 Mohyeon47under construction
Forena Iksan Busong 10438built2021(1)
Forena Iksan Busong 10338built2021(1)
Forena Iksan Busong 10238built2021(1)
Forena Iksan Busong 10138built2021(1)
Eoyang Central Park 10128built2020(1)
Eoyang Central Park 10225built2020(1)
Dongsan O2 Grande 10327built2020(1)
Dongsan O2 Grande 10227built2020(1)
Dongsan O2 Grande 10127built2020(1)
Iksan Station Signature-S20built2018(1)
Western Life Hotel12built2018(1)
Samsung Life Insurance Iksan Building10built1991
SK Building12built1991