A city located in the northeastern part of Gangwon-do
As one of the representative tourist destinations in Korea, the tourism industry has developed.

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Sokcho The Ocean Xi 10343under construction
Sokcho The Ocean Xi 10243under construction
Sokcho The Ocean Xi 10140under construction
Yangwoo Naeanae Ocean Sky37built2021(1)
Hillstate Sokcho Central 101-10236built2021(1)
Hillstate Sokcho Central 10335built2021(1)
Seohee Star Hills The Bay 234built2021(1)
Sokcho Misojium The View 10235built2021(1)
Sokcho Misojium The View 10135built2021(1)
Hotel The Blue Terra28built2020(1)
Cassia Sokcho26built2023
Seohee Star Hills The Bay31built2020(1)
Joyang Koaroo Arista28built2021(1)
Sokcho Xi Ella25under construction
Anam Plaza20built1994(1)
e-Pyeonhansesang Yeongrang Lake 10329built2017
e-Pyeonhansesang Yeongrang Lake 10229built2017
e-Pyeonhansesang Yeongrang Lake 10129built2017
Hillstate Sokcho Central 10426built2021(1)
Sokcho IPark 10629built2018
Sokcho IPark 10329built2018
Sokcho IPark 10229built2018
Sokcho IPark 10129built2018
Sokcho Gyodong City Pradium 10129built2018
Ramada Sokcho Hotel20built2016(1)
Sokcho Gyodong City Pradium 10228built2018
Sea Cruise Hotel Sokcho20built2018
e-Pyeonhansesang Yeongrang Lake 10427built2017
Orpheum Hotel20built2022
Samsung Home Prestige 220built2019(1)
Sokcho IPark 10427built2018
Sokcho IPark 10526built2018
Yeongrang Lake Resort20built1996(1)
The Mark Sokcho Residence19built2019
Dongjin Resort Officetel20built1992
Emforest Sokcho17built2018
Gyodong Bluefin20built2019
The Class 300 Hotel15built2010(1)
Truelle Lamer19built2021
Lotte Resort Sokcho9built2018
Yangwoo Beach Tower Mansion15built1990
Hotel Maremons11built2006