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Yuseung Hannaedeul The First 10239built2021
Yuseung Hannaedeul The First 10536built2021
Yuseung Hannaedeul The First 10436built2021
Yuseung Hannaedeul The First 10336built2021
Yuseung Hannaedeul The First 10136built2021
Silla Monogram Gangneung Hotel21under construction
Skybay Gyeongpo Hotel20built2018
Silla Monogram Gangneung B21under construction
Silla Monogram Gangneung A21under construction
Gangneung City Hall18built2001
Seamark Hotel15built2015
Gangneung Station Bluefin Officetel17built2020
St. John's Hotel16built2018
Hotel Tops 1015built2017
Gangneung Tourist Hotel15built2004
SL Hotel Gangneung15built2018
Gangneung City Hotel15built2018
Sun Cruise Resort10built2018
Hanwha Life Insurance Gangneung office bui...10built1994