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Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey59under construction(2)
Skyland Istanbul Office65built2017(2)
Skyland Istanbul Residence64built2017(2)
Metropol Tower 158built2017(3)
Diamond of Istanbul53on hold(4)
Sapphire Tower54built2010(1)
Emaar Square Address Hotel Istanbul50built2019(1)
Nurol Life60built2018(2)
İstanbul Tower 20554built2019(1)
IFC Ziraat Bank Towers46built2022(1)
Çintemani Istanbul57on hold
Spine Tower47built2014(1)
Merkez District Tower II56proposed
Anthill Residence 254built2010(1)
Anthill Residence 154built2010(1)
Bomonti Time Residence52built2018(1)
Çiftçi Tower B45built2018(1)
Çiftçi Tower A45built2018(1)
Varyap Meridian Tower 160built2013(1)
Allianz Tower Ataşehir38built2015(1)
Is Bankasi Tower 152built1996(4)
My Towerland52built2013(1)
Varyap Meridian Tower 245built2013(1)
Nida Palladium Tower43built2014(1)
Skyland Istanbul Hotelbuilt2017
Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel & Conference...47built2013
Ak-Asya Shopping Center and Tower55built2014
Sisli Plaza46built2007(2)
Bomonti Residences By Rotana44built2021
Levent 19942built2014(1)
Ozdilek Plaza Tower A38built2014
Tekstilkent Plaza 244built2000(2)
Tekstilkent Plaza 144built2000(2)
Kristalkule Finansbank Headquarters37built2014(1)
Selenium Twins 234built2008(2)
Selenium Twins 134built2008(2)
Varyap Meridian Tower 341built2012(1)
Exen Residence44built2014
Torun Center 243built2016
Torun Center 143built2016
My Towerland Tower A42built2012
Merkez District Tower III41proposed
Fairmont Istanbul39built2016
Sabanci Center 139built1993(2)
Emaar Square 234built2017
Çukurova Tower36built2014
Ak-Asya Lake Tower40built2011
Trump Towers - Residence Tower39built2010(1)
Uprise Elite42built2011(1)
Süzer Plaza Ritz-Carlton34built1998(1)
Torun Tower35built2014(1)
Polat Tower Residence42built2001(5)
Rixos Residence Bomonty43built2011
Avrupa Office Ataşehir38built2017
Metropol Tower 336built2017
Metropol Tower 236built2017
Dumankaya İkon41built2012(1)
42 Maslak Tower 239built2015
42 Maslak Tower 139built2014
Ozdilek Plaza Tower B37built2014
Sun Plaza38built2005(2)
Four Winds Residence Tower D45built2014(1)
Four Winds Residence Tower C45built2014(1)
Four Winds Residence Tower B45built2014(1)
Four Winds Residence Tower A45built2014(1)
Terrace Tema Tower A39built2014
Trump Towers - Office Tower37built2010(1)
Torum Center 339built2016
Mai Residence38built2015
Perpa Tower 242proposed
Perpa Tower 142proposed
TAT Tower 234built2000(2)
TAT Tower 134built2000(2)
Nurol Tower32built2016
Emaar Square 130built2017
Ritim Istanbul A39built2015
Ak-Asya Koru Tower43built2011
Istoç Otel38built2015
Marriott Istanbul37built2012
Sisli Elit Residence35built2000(1)
Sabanci Center 234built1993(2)
Orya Park Tower B34built2016(1)
Orya Park Tower A34built2016(1)
Nidakule Levent Office31built2017
DAP Royal Center Tower 1built2012
Prestige Hotel38built2008
Nida Business Center35built2012
Metrocity Millennium 123built2003(1)
Beybi Giz Plaza36built1996(1)
Ritim Istanbul B36built2015
Eclipse Maslak II36built2014
Eclipse Maslak I36built2014
Yedpa Trade Center 230on hold
Yedpa Trade Center 130on hold
Tekfen Tower28built2003(2)
Metrocity Millennium 327built2003(1)
Metrocity Millennium 227built2003(1)
Nissa O2 Residence37built2014
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