Located in the southwestern part of the Gyeonggi Province, Pyeongtaek was founded as a union of two districts in 940, during the Goryeo dynasty. It was elevated to city status in 1986 and is home to a South Korean naval base and a large concentration of United States troops. The South Korean government plans to transform Pyeongtaek city to an international economic hub to coincide with the move of the United States Forces Korea (USFK) to Pyeongtaek.

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Hillstate Pyeongtaek Godeok Sky City 10349under construction(1)
Hillstate Pyeongtaek Godeok Sky City 10249under construction(1)
Hillstate Pyeongtaek Godeok Sky City 10149under construction(1)
Hillstate Godeok Central 10349under construction(1)
Hillstate Godeok Central 10249under construction(1)
Hillstate Godeok Central 10149under construction(1)
Pyeongtaek Godeok IPARK27built2021(1)
Godeok Nature & Xi 70436built2019(1)
Lotte Invens Sky 10633built2008(1)
Lotte Invens Sky 10433built2008(1)
Samsung Electronics Pyeongtaek Campus P2 EUV8built2020
Godeok Jeil Punggyeongchae 12734built2019
Pyeongtaek Koaroo The Blue City26built2020(1)
Godeok Dongyang Paragon 10130built2019
Lotte Invens Sky 10326built2008(1)
Lotte Invens Sky 10126built2008(1)
Pyeongtaek Central Xi 10929built2017
Pyeongtaek Central Xi 10829built2017
Pyeongtaek Central Xi 10729built2017
Pyeongtaek Central Xi 10629built2017
Pyeongtaek Central Xi 10529built2017
Pyeongtaek Central Xi 10129built2017
Samsung Electronics Pyeongtaek Campus P37under construction
Samsung Electronics Pyeongtaek Campus P27built2020
Hillstate Pyeongtaek 10829built2018
Hillstate Pyeongtaek 11029built2018
Hillstate Pyeongtaek 10629built2018
Hillstate Pyeongtaek 10329built2018
Godeok Jeil Punggyeongchae 13127built2019
Godeok Jeil Punggyeongchae 13027built2019
Godeok Jeil Punggyeongchae 12927built2019
Godeok Jeil Punggyeongchae 12827built2019
Godeok Jeil Punggyeongchae 12627built2019
Godeok Jeil Punggyeongchae 12527built2019
Godeok Jeil Punggyeongchae 12427built2019
Godeok Jeil Punggyeongchae 12327built2019
Godeok Jeil Punggyeongchae 12227built2019
Godeok Jeil Punggyeongchae 12127built2019
Samsung Electronics Pyeongtaek Campus P17built2017(1)
Hillstate Pyeongtaek 10927built2018
Godeok Nature & Xi 70927built2019(1)
Godeok Nature & Xi 70827built2019(1)
Godeok Nature & Xi 70727built2019(1)
Godeok Nature & Xi 70627built2019(1)
Godeok Nature & Xi 70527built2019(1)
Godeok Nature & Xi 70327built2019(1)
Godeok Nature & Xi 70227built2019(1)
Godeok Nature & Xi 70127built2019(1)
Hillstate Pyeongtaek 10126built2018
Pyeongtaek Port Marine Center15built2009
Pyeongtaek Central Xi 10426built2017
Pyeongtaek Central Xi 10326built2017
Pyeongtaek Central Xi 10226built2017
Hillstate Pyeongtaek 10724built2018
Godeok Dongyang Paragon 10825built2019
Godeok Dongyang Paragon 10725built2019
Godeok Dongyang Paragon 10625built2019
Godeok Dongyang Paragon 10525built2019
Godeok Dongyang Paragon 10425built2019
Woosung Godeok Tower16built2021
Godeok STV Knowledge Industry Center10built2022
Hillstate Pyeongtaek 10223built2018
Western Bay Marina Hotel19built2018
Hillstate Pyeongtaek 10422built2018
Samsung Electronics Pyeongtaek Campus Offi...11built2020
Shinhan Hestia Art Tower19built2018
Seojeong Art Tower 220built2018
S Tower Knowledge Industry Center10built2020
Godeok City17built2020
Pyeongtaek Harbor Ramada Encore Hotel16built2017
AK Plaza Pyeongtaek11built2009
Coupang Pyeongtaek Logistics Center10built2019
Ace First Godeok10built2020
The First Tower Pyeongtaek10built2020
S Tower Prime10built2021
Godeok Biz Tower10built2021
Pyeongtaek Ramada Encore Hotel18built2016
Godeok Dongyang Paragon 11120built2019
Godeok Dongyang Paragon 11020built2019
Newcore Outlet Department Store12built1995
Hillstate Pyeongtaek 10518built2018
Centum Sky Building12built2010
SAC Building9built2020
Family Town11built1996
Samsung Electronics Pyeongtaek Campus Offi...9built2017
Lotte Invens Sky 10515built2008(1)
Lotte Invens Sky 10215built2008(1)
Godeok Dongyang Paragon 10312built2019
Godeok Dongyang Paragon 10212built2019