• Department: General Roca; El Cuy

• Founded: 3 October 1903
• Declared city: -
• Total area: 5.258 km²
• Elevation: 270 m

• First highrise: 1968 (~42 m)
• Tallest highrise: 2012 (~65 m)

Named after the Italian engineer Cesare Cipolletti.

This city has the first highrise in the Alto Valle region, which includes other cities such as General Roca and Allen, in the Province of Rio Negro, and Neuquen, Centenario and Plottier, in the Province of Neuquen.

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Atlas del Parque I20built2012(1)
Atlas del Parque II16built2015(1)
Terrazas del Valle15built2009(1)
Edificio Cipolletti14built1972(1)
Potenza V15built2014(1)
Jardines de Esmeralda - Torre Este14built2017(1)
Edificio Torino12built1968(1)
Atlas del Parque III12built2017(1)
Jardines de Esmeralda - Torre Oeste11built2018(1)
Pionero 413built2017(1)