A city of northeast China north of Jilin. It grew after Russia was granted a trade concession in 1896 and the completion of the railroad to L├╝shun in 1898. The city is the capital of Heilongjiang province.

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International Agricultural Exposition Cent...proposed(1)
R&F Riverside New City - Ritz-Carlton Hotel60built2021(3)
Agricultural Science and Technology Intern...43built2014(1)
International Agricultural Exposition Cent...under construction(1)
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Tower42built2012(1)
Office Building34built2014
Harbin Exhibition Center Hotel38built2004(1)
Star Yao Plaza 253built2017
Star Yao Plaza 153built2017
Harbin Bank Headquarters Building30built2015
1 Red Army Street43built2014(1)
View Of The River 242built2009
View Of The River 142built2009
International Agricultural Exposition Cent...under construction(1)
Netcom Square39built2005
Star Yao Square Office Building40built2015
View Of The River 439built2009
View Of The River 339built2009
Rongfu Conifer Hotel36built1998(1)
Shidai Towerproposed
International Agricultural Exposition Cent...under construction(1)
Unicom Tower 233built2004
Unicom Tower 133built2004
Sinoway Hotel Tower 233built2001(1)
Sinoway Hotel Tower 133built2001(1)
International Agricultural Exposition Cent...on hold(1)
International Agricultural Exposition Cent...on hold(1)
International Agricultural Exposition Cent...proposed
Cengneng Buildingbuilt
Shum Yip Building31built1995
Aoweisi Building26built2003
Harbin Municipal Government28built
Jiangnanchun Building28built
Heilongjiang Kunlun Hotel33built1997
Join Us Plaza30built(1)
Post Building32built
Harbin Hushi Mansion29built
Zhonghao Hua Erjie 231built2004
Kaixuan Cheng 230built2006
Kaixuan Cheng 130built2006
Hengxiang Jiayuan 330built2004
Hengxiang Jiayuan 230built2004
Hengxiang Jiayuan 130built2004
Aijian Ziyuan 330built2003
Aijian Ziyuan 230built2003
Aijian Ziyuan 130built2003
Aijian Binjiang 530built
Youdu Shequ 528built2005
Youdu Shequ 428built2005
Youdu Shequ 328built2005
Youdu Shequ 228built2005
Youdu Shequ 128built2005
Longfu Jiayuan 228built2004
Longfu Jiayuan 128built2004
Meilin Jiayuan 226built2004
Meilin Jiayuan 126built2004
Mei Lin Garden Tower 126built
Heilongjiang Broadcasting TV Center14built
Longmen Building22built
Shangri-La Hotel19built
Bank of China18built
Heilongjiang Science & Technology Museumbuilt