Formerly known as Hangchow or Hangchou.

A city of eastern China at the head of Hangzhou Bay, an inlet of the East China Sea. Founded in 606, the city was the capital of a powerful kingdom from 907 to 960. It was later described by Marco Polo as one of the finest and noblest cities in the world. Today it is a modern industrial center and the capital of Zhejiang province.

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Hangzhou West Railway Station Hub 182proposed(1)
Hangzhou West Railway Station Hub A61proposed(1)
Greenland Center67under construction(2)
Hangzhou West Railway Station Hub B68proposed(1)
Hangzhou West Railway Station Hub 762proposed(1)
Olympic and International Expo Center [2]proposed
Olympic and International Expo Center [1]proposed
Hangzhou International Center Tower 166proposed
Hangzhou Centre Tower A63built2021(1)
Hangzhou China Resources Liangzhu MixC58under construction
Shimao Hangzhou Twin Tower B63under construction(2)
Shimao Hangzhou Twin Tower A63under construction(2)
Excellence Times Square Towers A70under construction(1)
Hangzhou International Center Tower 266under construction
Hangzhou Wangchao Center62under construction
Bodi Center Tower C57built2017(3)
Longda Tower 161built2021(1)
Excellence Times Square Towers 266under construction(1)
Zhejiang Fortune Financial Center West Tower55built2010(2)
Radisson Plaza Hotel Xiaoshan Tower A50built2013(1)
Raffles City Hangzhou Tower 260built2016(2)
Raffles City Hangzhou Tower 160built2016(2)
Zheshang Bank Headquarters Building54under construction
Hangzhou West Railway Station Hub 557proposed
Hangzhou West Railway Station Hub 357proposed
Hangzhou No. 2 Telecom Hub41built2003(1)
Wanxiang City [1]47built2015(1)
New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhou45built2005(1)
Zhejiang Television Center42built2016(1)
Hangzhou West Railway Station Hub D49proposed
Hangzhou West Railway Station Hub C49proposed
New World Lijing Tower39built2016
Wanyin International Tower 241built2014
Dicara Gold Tower - Hilton Hotel55built2014
Hengyi Group World Headquarters52proposed
Jumeirah Hangzhou Hotel50built2017
Wanxiang City [2]48built2015(1)
Wanyin International Tower 342built2014
Longda Tower [2]43built2021(1)
Wanxiang City [3]54built2012(1)
Zhejiang Fortune Financial Center East Tower37built2010(2)
Huacheng International Development Mansion35built2007(1)
Wanxiang City [4]51built2012
Hangzhou Ping An Finance Center A40built2018
Hangzhou Centre Tower Cbuilt2018
Wanyin International Tower 141built2010(1)
West Lake Culture Square41built2005
Sunyard Plaza International Center 247built2011
Sunyard Plaza 143built2011
Dikai International Center40built2009(1)
Internation Times Plaza 143built2012
Internation Times Plaza 242built2012
Wanxiang City [5]46built2012
Zunbao Tower 245built2008(1)
Zunbao Tower 145built2009(1)
Hyatt Building 344built2010
Hyatt Building 244built2010
Hyatt Building 144built2010
Hangzhou Centre Tower Dbuilt2018
Canhigh Center35built2011(1)
Bodi Center Tower A34built2017(1)
Bodi Center Tower B33built2017(1)
Sunrise Qiantang Mansion37built2008(1)
Sheng Ao Tower36built2008(1)
Hangzhou Centre Tower Ebuilt2018
Za Mei International Tower36built2008
Jimei International Tower36built2007
Liqun Tower35built2007(2)
Hangzhou Centre Tower Bbuilt2018
Hangzhou Chess Building32built2006(1)
Radisson Plaza Hotel Xiaoshan Tower B32built2013
Zhejiang Grand Hotel28built
UDC Time Building B33built2011(1)
UDC Time Building A33built2011(1)
Hangzhou Ping An Finance Center B30built2018
Vertical Courtyard Apartment 631built2006(1)
Vertical Courtyard Apartment 531built2006(1)
Vertical Courtyard Apartment 431built2006(1)
Vertical Courtyard Apartment 331built2006(1)
Vertical Courtyard Apartment 231built2006(1)
Vertical Courtyard Apartment 131built2006(1)
China Construction Bank Building30built1999(1)
Hangzhou Government Building33built(1)
Hangzhou Hotel32built(1)
City Hall26built2012(1)
Hangzhou Ping An Finance Center C23built2018
Xiaoshan International Hotel32built1999(1)
Yuedou Shangwu Building27built2006
Hai Hua Plaza27built2004
Hangzhou Mansion27built(1)
Hangzhou Zhijiang Hotel30built1990(1)
Place De La Seide32built2007
Rongan Headquarters Building28built2007(1)
Subo'er Building24built2007(1)
Xiaoshan International Business Center B28built2004(1)
Xiaoshan International Business Center A28built2004(1)
Jingjiang Chengshi Huayuan 233built2007
Jingjiang Chengshi Huayuan 133built2007
Yitian.Prosperous Qiantang 132built2007
Hangzhou Chengyi Building23built
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