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IEC Tower30built2003(1)
The Sail Tower27built2002(2)
Eshkol Tower31built1976(2)
Panorama Tower24built1986(2)
B. Rappaport Family - Medical Sciences Bui...15built1979(2)
Dan Panorama Hotel23built1986(2)
Top Denia Tower 227built
Lev Neve Sha'anan 122built2002
Chen Tower23built2002
6 Shunit Street19built2002
4 Shunit Street19built2002
61 Nativ Chen Street23built2000
Le Meridien Haifa22built2002
55 Hillel Street23built
23 Oren Street23built1974
Pe'er Newe Shaanan Tower21built
Armon Tower20built1999(1)
20 Hanna Sennesh Street20built1995
Tower Hotel Haifa18built
11 HaRav Kaniel Street23built
David Tower A20built2014
Carmel Beach Hotel18built1997(3)
Top Denia Tower 120built2007
Egged House14built1969(1)
Ramat HaNassi 321built2013
Ramat HaNassi 221built2013
Ramat HaNassi 121built2013
Pivko Mul HaYam18built2015
8 Meirhoff Square20built
113 Aba Hillel Silver20built
111 Aba Hillel Silver20built
David Tower B18built2014
Ramat Begin Tower 219built
Ramat Begin Tower 117built