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Terrazza Martini Tower31built1940(3)
Il Matitone26built1992(2)
World Trade Center Genoa25built(2)
Telecom Italia Tower23built1967(1)
Comparto 223built2014(1)
Torre MIRA18proposed
Torre Cantore21built(1)
Torre Sampierdarena 122built1970(2)
Corte Lambruschini Towers 1 & 220built1990(2)
Torre ELAH20built2007(1)
Torre Cap20built1993(1)
Torre Sole19built(1)
Torre Mare19built(1)
Torre Luna19built(1)
Dante 224built1939(1)
Torri Faro I20built2013
La Torre Pegli 220built1981(2)
Torre Finmeccanica16built2004(1)
Torre Franciabuilt1993(1)
Torre Pegli A20built1970(1)
Starhotel President19built(1)
Torre Sampierdarena 218built1970(1)
I Gemelli18built1993(1)
Torri Faro II18built2013
Torre Pegli C18built1970(1)
Torre Pegli B18built1970(1)
Torre Corso Europa18built1980(1)
Torre Quartoalto16built1989(2)
Comparto 1built1993(1)
La Platea18built1959(1)
Torre Teatro Carlo Felice14built1990(1)
Santo Stefano14built1970
Fieschi 214built1976
Torre Caricamento12built1970(1)
Comparto 412built1993(2)
Novotel Genova Ovest12built1994
Hotel Sheraton12built1992(1)
Fieschi 310built1980
Palazzo Ducale5built1591(1)
Torre VTE8built2002(1)
Torre Piloti Porto6built(1)