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Island City Ocean & Forest Tower Residence...48built2022(1)
Island City Ocean & Forest Tower Residence...48built2023(1)
Center Marks Tower46built2019(1)
Teriha The Tower44built2022(1)
I TOWER45built2016(1)
Island Tower Sky Club42built2008(1)
Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk36built1995(2)
Brillia Tower Nishijin40built2021(1)
Libera Garden Marina Tower33built2007(1)
Premist Chihaya Tower Twin Marks Bright Tower31built2011(1)
Premist Chihaya Tower Twin Marks Air Tower31built2011(1)
Fukuoka Daimyou Garden City25built2022(1)
Montre Kashiihama Surf Tower Center Court32built2021(1)
The Park House Fukuoka Towers West28built2019(1)
The Park House Fukuoka Towers East28built2020(1)
TNC Broadcasting Center21built1996(2)
M Tower21built1996(2)
Grand Maison Momochihama Ocean Forest West...29built2010(1)
Castalia Ohori Bay Tower30built2006(1)
The Momochi Tower27built2004(1)
Shin Fukuoka Building19under construction
Lacleis Nishijin Residential Tower29built2014(1)
Nexus Momochi Residential Tower27built1996(2)
Core Mansion Otemon Tower27built2003(1)
Anperena Momochi24built2008(1)
KDX Residence Ohori Habor View Tower30built2009(1)
Grand Maison Momochihama Ocean Forest East...26built2010(1)
Tenjin Business Center19built2021(1)
NTT Docomo Kyushu Kashii Building17built2003(1)
Atmos Momochi25built1993
Amex Ohori Tower25built2006
MJP Akasaka Tower24built2017
Fukuoka Financial Group Headquaters14built2008
Grand Maison Momochihama23built2007
Amex Meinohama Station Tower23built2008(1)
Premist Tenjin Akasaka Tower24built2018
Royal Parks Daimyo24built2014
Gran Alt Tenjin Tower22built2004
Hitachi Kyushu Building14built2006
NTT Docomo maizurushi Building17built2003
Nexus Yakuin20built2015
ACROS Fukuoka14built1995(1)
Miyako Hotel Hakata13built2019
Hotel Crowne Plaza ANA Fukuoka15built
Hotel Nikko Fukuoka14built
Sutton Place Hotel Hakata13built
Grand Hyatt Fukuoka13built
Shime Coal Mine Towerbuilt1943(1)