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Shangri-La Hotel59on hold(1)
Cixi Global Center B25built2013
Cixi Global Center A25built2013
Cixi Joy Tsunemoto Apartments 434built2015
Cixi Joy Tsunemoto Apartments 334built2015
Cixi Joy Tsunemoto Apartments 234built2015
Cixi Joy Tsunemoto Apartments 134built2015
Cixi Joy Tsunemoto 9 Apartments 537built2016
Cixi Joy Tsunemoto 9 Apartments 437built2016
Cixi Joy Tsunemoto 9 Apartments 337built2016
Cixi Joy Tsunemoto 9 Apartments 237built2016
Cixi Joy Tsunemoto 9 Apartments 137built2016
Cixi Joy Tsunemoto Apartments 635built2015
Cixi Joy Tsunemoto Apartments 535built2015
Hangzhou Bay Apartments 839built2014
Hangzhou Bay Apartments 739built2014
Hangzhou Bay Apartments 639built2014
Hangzhou Bay Apartments 539built2014
Hangzhou Bay Apartments 439built2014
Hangzhou Bay Apartments 339built2014
Hangzhou Bay Apartments 239built2014
Hangzhou Bay Apartments 139built2014
Cixi Convention Center15built
Golden Resources Hotel32built2013
Cixi Central Building27built
Shinger Mansion29built
Friendship Shopping Center27built2013
Cixi Celebrity Mansion31built
Jinshuai Building25built2014
Shun Cheong Building27built2015
Cihhuei Building27built2015
Cixi Heng Yuan Square B24built2016
Cixi Heng Yuan Square A24built2016
Sunshine City 332built2016
Sunshine City 232built2016
Sunshine City 132built2016
Cixi Fortune Center D30built2013
Cixi Fortune Center C30built2013
Cixi Fortune Center B30built2013
Cixi Fortune Center A30built2013
Church Music Building28built2016