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Aspire Tower36built2006(1)
Al Fardan Residences64built2009(3)
Al Mana Tower57under construction(1)
Palm Tower 157built2011(2)
Palm Tower 257built2011(2)
Qatar World Trade Center50built2013(1)
Doha Tower44built2012(2)
Al Faisal Tower52built2011(1)
Al-Asmakh Tower34built2017(2)
QP District Tower 747built2016(1)
InterContinental Hotel The City59built2012(1)
Darwish Tower55under construction
Navigation Tower52built2008(2)
Pullman Twin Towers West48built2017
Pullman Twin Towers East48built2017
Gateway Towers AQ-243built2016
Gateway Towers AQ-143built2016
Al Rabban Towers52built(1)
Al Baker Executive Tower West51built2012
Rotana Hotel50built2008(1)
Qatar International Islamic Bank44built2014(1)
Al Bidda Tower43built2009(2)
Samriya Twin Towers West40built2012(1)
Samriya Twin Towers East40built2012(1)
Tornado Tower52built2008(2)
A'ayan Tower49on hold
Al Baker Executive Tower East48built2012
West Bay 444built2009(1)
Al Fardan Tower 140built2007(1)
Rotana Arwa Tower39built2015
Al Jassimiya Tower41built2012
Woqod Tower30built2012
Bin Samikh Tower42built2014
Al Fardan Tower 226built2007(1)
Waldorf Astoria Hotel45built2021
Qatar Telecom Headquarters38built2004(2)
Commercialbank Plaza20built2006
Al Jazeera Tower36built2006(1)
Qatar Tower35built
Dafnah Tower 436built2006(1)
Beach Tower35built
QP District Tower 833built2016
Lagoon Plaza Tower 234built2008(1)
Lagoon Plaza Tower 134built2008(1)
Al Rayyan Residential Tower34built
Golden Tower32built
Areen Tower32built
QP District Tower 632built2016
Dafnah Tower 332built2006(1)
Dafnah Tower 232built2006(1)
Dafnah Tower 132built2006(1)
Beverly Hills Tower33built
QP District Tower 931built2016
QP District Tower 529built2016
QP District Tower 1029built2016
W Doha Hotel & Residences29built
Asas Twin Towers West29built
Asas Twin Towers East29built
Al Rabban Tower29built
Qatar Olympic Commitee30built2003
Commercial Office Headquarters30built2008
Mondrian Hotel Doha25built2015
Abdullah Abdulghani Commercial Tower26built
RG Tower28built2008
Traders Hotel Doha32built2013
Ritz Carlton Hotel27built2000
Al Seal Residence30built2008
Al Qassar Tower25built
QP District Tower 426built2016
Hilton Hotel26built2008
Al Madar Tower24built2009(1)
Dolphin Energy Tower22built2006
Al Maha Sofitel Hotel22on hold
Somerset West Bay Doha25built(1)
La Cigale Hotel28built2007
QP District Tower 323built2016
Al Saad Tower 320built2011
Al Saad Tower 220built2011
Al Waqf Tower23built2002
Dunes Hotel & Suites21built
Pearl Tower22built2004(1)
Falcon Tower22built2004(1)
Al-Ubaidly Tower22built1975
Al Saad Tower 117built2011
St. Regis Circular Residential Tower22built2011
Ritaj Al Rayyan Hotel21built2007
Bilal Suites23built2003
Ministry of Interior Tower21built2001
Barzan Tower21built2000
QP District Tower 220built2016
Al Saad Tower 417built2011
Gulf Tower20built
Doha Tower20built2004
Four Seasons Hotel18built2004(1)
Rydges Plaza Hotel18built2002
Al Faisal Tower West17built2004
Al Faisal Tower East17built
St. Regis South Residential Tower20built2011
St. Regis North Residential Tower20built2011
Al Waseel Tower17built2006
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