Formerly known as Talien, Dalny or Dairen.

A city of northeast China on the Liaodong Peninsula and the Bo Hai. A major seaport, it was opened to foreign commerce in 1901 and occupied by the Japanese during the Russo-Japanese War (1904–1905).

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Greenland Plaza88on hold(2)
Eton Place Dalian Tower 180built2016(3)
Dalian International Trade Center86built2019(5)
Langham Hotel Dalian Tower A74proposed(1)
Eton Place Dalian Tower 262built2015(2)
Victoria Square 168built2018(1)
Victoria Square 263built2018(1)
Ansteel Tower51proposed
Dalian World Trade Center61built2000(2)
Dalian Futures Square 262built2009(5)
Dalian Futures Square 162built2008(4)
Huajun Financial Center51built2022(1)
Dalian Dingsen Center South Tower52built2016(1)
Dalian Dingsen Center North Tower52built2016(2)
Wanda East Port Project Tower 149built2012(1)
State Grid Tower42built2020(1)
Dalian Global Finance Center Tower B53on hold
Jinzuo Plaza49built2000(1)
Dalian Tian An International Tower52built2000(2)
Xinghai Long Island51built2021
Furama Tower53built2015
Coastal International Center Tower 553on hold
East Harbour Place Tower 262built2018
China Co-op Group Tower41built2016(1)
King of Towers41built2016(1)
Orix Towers West42under construction(1)
Orix Towers East42under construction(1)
Victoria Mansion Tower 260built2018(1)
Victoria Mansion Tower 160built2017(1)
Jahe Plaza54built2013(1)
New World Center56built2012
Yuanyang Building51built2000(2)
Dalian Trust and Securities Towerbuilt2009(1)
The Manhattan Office Tower48built2002(1)
Wanda East Port Project Tower 357built2011(1)
Wanda East Port Project Tower 456built2011(1)
International Shipping Tower45built2013
Wanda East Port Project Tower 555built2011(1)
Grand Hyatt Dalian45built2014(1)
Dalian Shengyi Century45proposed
Dalian Orstar City 250built2016
Dalian Orstar City 150built2016
Dalian Telecommunications Center27built1996(1)
Coastal International Center Tower 352built2010(1)
Coastal International Center Tower 252built2010(1)
Coastal International Center Tower 152built2010(1)
Grand Gateway42proposed
Wanda East Port Project Tower 238built2011(1)
Dalian Hope Mansion38built1999(3)
Peace Modern City D55built(1)
Tianlun Commercial Building35built1997(1)
Dalian Times Square 147built2008(1)
Dalian Freedom Plaza33built2012
Luxury Horizon 242built(1)
Luxury Horizon 142built(1)
Karen Harbour Worldbuilt
Rainbow Building39built2002(1)
Hotel Nikko Dalian36built2000(1)
Swissôtel Dalian37built1998(1)
Eton Place Dalian Tower 542built(1)
Eton Place Dalian Tower 442built(1)
Eton Place Dalian Tower 342built(1)
Xinghai Guobao 435built(1)
Xinghai Guobao 335built(1)
Xinghai Guobao 235built(1)
Xinghai Guobao 135built(1)
Dalian International Ocean Building30built(1)
Foreign Trade & Economic Building37built1998
Zhongshan Parkwin Hotel38built(1)
Dalian Pearl 835built(1)
Dalian Pearl 735built(1)
Dalian Pearl 635built(1)
Dalian Pearl 535built(1)
Dalian Pearl 435built(1)
Dalian Pearl 335built(1)
Dalian Pearl 235built(1)
Dalian Pearl 135built(1)
The Manhattan Tower35built2002
Vista Place32built2005
Scientists Apartment Building 432built
Scientists Apartment Building 332built
Scientists Apartment Building 232built
Scientists Apartment Building 132built
Guo Yun Buildingbuilt
Dalian Times Square 235built2008(1)
Yue Xiu Mansion33built
Huaihua Building32built(1)
China Life Insurance Mansion30built1997
Teachers' Building 531built1997
Teachers' Building 431built1997
Teachers' Building 331built1997
Teachers' Building 231built1997
Teachers' Building 131built1997
Central Plaza Hotel Dalian31built2003
Times Building31built1998
Dalian Foreign Economic Relations & Trade ...29built
Hongyu Commerce Building28built1996(1)
Dalian Tiancheng Building30built
YuanDa Mansion-B30built
YuanDa Mansion-A30built
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