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Ministry of Foreign Affairs45built1994(3)
Nile City Office Tower 135built2003(1)
El Gezira Tower Movenpick Hotel43built1996(1)
Grand Nile Tower41built2002(1)
Nile City Office Tower 235built2004(1)
El Maadi Residential Tower 1742built1987(3)
El Maadi Residential Tower 1642built1987(3)
El Maadi Residential Tower 1542built1987(3)
El Maadi Residential Tower 1442built1987(3)
El Maadi Residential Tower 1342built1987(3)
Nile East Corniche Main Tower37built2017
National Bank of Egypt Southern Tower33built1986(2)
National Bank of Egypt Northern Tower33built1986(1)
Nile East Corniche 236built2017
Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza31built1999
El Maadi Residential Tower 935built1987
El Maadi Residential Tower 835built1987
El Maadi Residential Tower 735built1987
El Maadi Residential Tower 635built1987
El Maadi Residential Tower 535built1987
El Maadi Residential Tower 1235built1987
El Maadi Residential Tower 1135built1987
El Maadi Residential Tower 1035built1987
Residences Roda Island39built
Ramses Hilton & World Trade Center36built1980(1)
Hilton World Trade Center Residences I32built
Semiramis InterContinental Hotel29built1988
Belmont Building32built1954(1)
Hilton World Trade Center Residences II32built
Radio & Television Building30built1957
El Gezira Sheraton Hotel30built1984(1)
Conrad International Cairo Hotel30built1999
El Maadi Residential Tower 128built1987
The Fairmont Cairo25built2007
El Maadi Residential Tower 428built1987
El Maadi Residential Tower 328built1987
El Maadi Residential Tower 228built1987
Aga Khan Residential Tower 1331built
Aga Khan Residential Tower 1231built
Aga Khan Residential Tower 1131built
Aga Khan Residential Tower 1625built
Aga Khan Residential Tower 1525built
Aga Khan Residential Tower 1425built
Dreamland New Office Complex23built2001
Al Montazah Sheraton23built
Merryland Residential Tower 924built
Merryland Residential Tower 824built
Merryland Residential Tower 724built
Merryland Residential Tower 624built
Merryland Residential Tower 524built
Merryland Residential Tower 424built
Merryland Residential Tower 324built
Merryland Residential Tower 224built
Merryland Residential Tower 124built
Marriott Hotel Tower 220built
Marriott Hotel Tower 120built
El Karnak Tower24built1985
Ministry of Treasury Tower 419built
Cairo World Trade Center19built
El Horeya Tower21built1983
Pearl Tower18built
Golden Pyramid Plaza Tower 618built
Golden Pyramid Plaza Tower 518built
Golden Pyramid Plaza Tower 418built
Golden Pyramid Plaza Tower 318built
Golden Pyramid Plaza Tower 218built
Golden Pyramid Plaza Tower 118built
Eastern Plaza18built
El Salam Tower22built1982
El Zeini Tower21built1992
Police Officers' Residential Tower16built
Ministry of Treasury Tower 219built
United States Embassy Tower16built
Ministry of Treasury Tower 515built
Ministry of Treasury Tower 115built
El Andalus Tower20built1983
El Jazaer Tower21built1982
El Mohandseen Tower18built1982
El Hadaeeq Tower18built1980
Aga Khan Residential Tower 917built
Aga Khan Residential Tower 817built
Aga Khan Residential Tower 717built
Aga Khan Residential Tower 617built
Aga Khan Residential Tower 517built
Aga Khan Residential Tower 417built
Aga Khan Residential Tower 317built
Aga Khan Residential Tower 217built
Aga Khan Residential Tower 1017built
Aga Khan Residential Tower 117built
El Mohandseen El Askreen Tower16built1987
The Nile Ritz-Carlton13built1959
Shepherd Hotel13built1956
Golden Tulip Flamenco Cairo13built1986
Zahra Maadi Building 612built2000
Zahra Maadi Building 412built2000
Zahra Maadi Building 112built2000
New Nasr City Building 912built2002
New Nasr City Building 812built2002
New Nasr City Building 712built2002
New Nasr City Building 612built2002
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