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Torre Iberdrola40built2011(2)
Operación Garellano I36under construction
Operación Garellano II33built2020
Operación Garellano III30built2015
Operación Garellano IV28built2015
Torre Bolueta I27built2018(1)
Torre Bolueta II23built2019(1)
BBVAren Dorrea22built1968(1)
Torre Isozaki Atea II24built2007(1)
Torre Isozaki Atea I24built2007(1)
Operación Garellano V24built2015
Torre San Vicente VIII22built2004(1)
Torre San Vicente VII22built2004(1)
Torre San Vicente VI22built2004(1)
Torre San Vicente V22built2003(1)
Torre San Vicente IX22built2005(1)
Torre San Vicente IV22built2003(1)
Torre San Vicente III22built2003(1)
Torre San Vicente II22built2003(1)
Torres la Casilla III21built1971
Torres la Casilla II21built1971
Torres la Casilla I21built1971
Torres Casilla IV21built1971
Torre Zabalburu V21built1974
Torre Zabalburu IV21built1971
Torre Zabalburo III21built1975
Juan de Garay21built1974
Edificio Museoalde17built2018
Torres Plaza III20built
Torres Plaza II20built
Torres Plaza I20built
Torre Vallehermoso21built2005(1)
Torre Blas de Otero21built
Sabino Arana 3320built1975
Torre Zabalburu II19built1966
Torre Zabalburu I19built1967
Sabino Arana 3719built1975
Sabino Arana 3519built1975
Zubiria Ibarra 319built
Zubiria Ibarra 119built
Edificio Sanreza18built
Txotena 6818built1960
Pau Casals 318built1960
Torre Bolueta III20built2021(1)
Zubiria Ibarra 2-813built
Zubiria Ibarra 9-1012built
Guggenheim Museum3built1997(2)