Ottawa is the capital of Canada

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Trinity Station Project 165proposed(1)
Trinity Station Project 252proposed(1)
Claridge Icon45under construction(1)
Trinity Station Project 332proposed(1)
Place de Ville III29built1971(6)
Minto Metropole32built2004(4)
Rideau + Chapel South Tower32under construction(1)
The Dale32under construction(1)
Le Parc28built1988(3)
R. H. Coats Building26built1976(3)
Minto Place Suite Hotel30built1989(2)
Ottawa Marriott Hotel27built1972(3)
180 Metcalfe Street27under construction
World Exchange Plaza West20built1991(3)
Soho Italia30under construction(1)
Envie at 256 Rideau II29under construction(1)
Envie at 256 Rideau I29under construction(1)
Place Bell Canada27built1971(4)
Crowne Plaza Hotel26built1967(4)
Place Export Canada26built1983(3)
The Classics29built1990(1)
Island Park Towers III26built(1)
Performance Court21built2013(2)
The Carlisle28built1986(2)
Claridge Royale 128under construction
Constitution Square II21built1992(2)
ArtHaus Residences at Arts Court21built2018(1)
Lithwick Building22built1989(4)
The Dale28proposed
Rideau + Chapel North Tower27under construction(1)
L'esplanade Laurier West22built1975(3)
L'Esplanade Laurier East22built1975(3)
66 Slater22built1971(2)
Park Place Apartments28built1978(1)
Place de Ville II22built1966(3)
Place de Ville I22built1966(3)
Claridge Plaza III28built2014
Claridge Plaza IV28built2014
Chateau Royale West28built1975(1)
Chateau Royale East28built1975(1)
Riviera South27built1988(3)
Tribeca West27built2016
Tribeca East27built2016
Claridge Moon II27under construction
Claridge Moon I27under construction
Queen Elizabeth Towers West28built1975(1)
Department of National Defence Building18built1974(1)
Minto Upper West24built2017
Claridge District27under construction
Queen Elizabeth Towers East28built1975(1)
The Varette Building20built1970(1)
Claridge Royale 326under construction
Rio Vista24built(1)
The Cross Winds26built1975(1)
Frobisher Place26built1975(1)
EDC Headquarters19built2011
Riviera North25built1986(1)
Claridge Plaza II25built2011
Claridge Plaza I25built2008
The Laurier23built2004(1)
Envie Student28built2016
Jeanne Mance Building21built1969(2)
Dunton Tower23built1974(2)
Envie Plus Condominiums25built2020
Minto Place Canada Building18built1989(2)
Bromley Square26built(2)
Ambleside II26built1976(2)
Kevlee Tower24built1986(1)
Minto Place - 180 Kent19built2009
Constitution Square III19built2007
Standard Life Centre South18built1992(2)
Standard Life Centre North18built1992(2)
Westboro Connection25built2020
Kent Towers24built1986(1)
Sir William Logan Building21built(1)
Jean Edmonds Towers South20built1973(3)
Jean Edmonds Towers North20built1970(2)
269 Laurier West19built2005(2)
The Highlands South Tower24built1972(2)
The Highlands North Tower24built1972(2)
Riverbreeze Apartments24built(1)
The Lord Mountbatten23built(1)
Ambleside I25built1976(2)
Place St-George24built1988(1)
275 Slater20built1968(4)
Strathmore Towers South21built1976(1)
Strathmore Towers North21built1976(1)
Constitution Square I18built1986(1)
The Pinnacle23built2007(1)
Island Park Towers II23built(2)
Bronson Place East23built(1)
141 George23proposed
Castle Hill Apartments21built(1)
Place Vanier I17built
Bona Vista20built(1)
Windfields West24built(1)
Windfields East24built(1)
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