Barcelona is Spain's 2nd largest city and the capital of the province Catalonia in northeastern Spain. The city has a very beautiful setting between two mountains, Montjüic in the west and Tibidabo in the north, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Because of it’s large size, the city's many different districts are connected with each other via large avenues. Gran Via Corts Catalanes runs through the whole city in west-eastern direction and Avinguda Diagonal on the diagonal (NW-SE). Avinguda del Parallel and Passeig de Gracia are also very important roads. The latter one leads to Placa Catalunya, the core and meeting place of Barcelona. The Gran Via leads from Placa Catalunya to Placa Espanya, a very monumental traffic hub of Barcelona, close to were the national museum rises above the city at Montjüic. Most squares in BCN have fountains and sculptures, just like the rest of Spain. From Placa Catalunya is also La Rambla, a long pedestrian street crowded with tourists, beginning. La Rambla goes to the south(and to the north) from Placa Catalunya, down to the beach, the harbour (Port Vell and Barceloneta) down to the famous Columbus monument, where Christofer Columbus arrived when he thought he had discovered America. Barri Gotic is situated on the east side of La Rambla and El Raval on the west. Barri Gotic, the gothic quarters, has old picturesque buildings, narrow streets and small squares. More large scale is the huge Eixample district to the north of Gran Via. The most important and central part of Eixample is Quadrat d’ Oro, “the golden quarter” that is home to of many of the legendaric architect Gaudi and his follower´s buildings, such as the famous BCN symbol Casa Milá(La Pedrera) and Casa Batlló. This style is called modernista. Just to the east of Eixample, Gaudi´s famous cathedral La Sagrada Familia is totally dominating the skyline. This unusual cathedral with its 4 modernista towers, is the most important symbol of Barcelona, but will not be completed until 2025. The district to the east of Sagrada Familia, were Avinguda Diagonal ends, is a district called Diagonal Mar, with brand new skyscrapers, some of them still under contruction. The fact that the city has been host for the world fair both in 1888 and in 1929 and the Olympics in 1992, are reasons why the city is so magic. The harbour and the unpleasant beach were totally rebuilt (and two towers were added) and impressive sports arenas were built because of the Olympics. And arts museum and the many fountains at Av. Reina Maria Cristina, that goes between Montjüic and Placa d´Espana, were built because of Fira Barcelona, the world fair in 1929. Cableways connect Montjüic via the castle (now a military museum) with the harbour on the ground. The harbour is very large and hosts a huge entertainment complex, shopping centers and a WTC. Most of the city’s different parts are connected with the metro under ground and buses at ground level. There is also a short light rail line and an old short tram line. Tibidabo is the mountain north of Barcelona that can be seen from the whole city. And so can the mountain’s two landmarks, the temple and the tall observation tower Torre de Collserola. The Tibidabo mountain also boasts Barcelona´s only amusement park and many grand residences. Tibidabo can be reached by funiculare, tram and mini bus. The airport, El Prat de Llobregat, is situated to the west of the city and the large city/suburb Hospitalet de Llobregat, home for large “commie block districts” and many companies, is in between. Tourists and citizens of central Barcelona are partying heavily the whole night and thus there is heavy traffic and a lot of pedestrians walking around almost 24 hour a day. That is because the city is taking a break, siesta, somewhere between 12 and 4, mainly because it is too hot to work then. Columbus, Miró, Gaud? and Picasso are some of the most famous historic Barcelona residents.

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Torre Mapfre44built1992(6)
Hotel Arts43built1992(4)
Torre Agbar35built2004(4)
Habitat Sky31built2008(4)
Edificio Colón28built1970(3)
Torre Diagonal Zero Zero25built2010(1)
Hotel Princess Barcelona25built2004(2)
Diagonal-Bilbao-Pere IV27built2016(1)
Torre Catalunya25built1977(2)
Hotel W Barcelona20built2009(2)
Antares Barcelona27built2021(1)
Illa del Mar 127built2008(1)
Illa de la Llum 126built2005(1)
Porta Firal 322built2021(1)
Porta Firal 122built2013(1)
Oficines del Consorci de la Zona Franca22built2004(2)
AC Hotel22built2004(3)
Chamber of Commerce21proposed(1)
Torre Nova Diagonal22built2006(2)
Torre Mare Nostrum22built2005(1)
La Caixa 126built1974(1)
Hilton Diagonal Mar25built2004(2)
Banco Atlantico23built1961(3)
Edificio Barcelona24built1970(1)
Torre Núñez y Navarro20built1993(1)
Torre Macià20built1970(1)
Torre Allianz20built1993(3)
Edificio Tarragona22built1998(1)
Illa del Mar 222built2008(1)
Edifici Ona19proposed(2)
Torre RBA18built2010
Torre 22@ Mediapro18built2008(1)
D199 217built2008(1)
Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira Headquarte...17built2017
Edificio Atalaya22built1971(1)
Illa del Lac 222built2002(1)
Illa del Lac 122built2002(1)
Illa del Cel 122built2003(1)
Torre Urquinaona21built1973(1)
Edificio Acesa20built1966(1)
Residencia Maternal19built1964(1)
Torre Meridiana18built2006(1)
Melia Barcelona Hotel23built1972(1)
Carrer Secretari Coloma 114-11823built1975(2)
Edificio Fàbregas18built1944(1)
Edificio Europa20built1959(1)
Mineria 2222built1981(1)
Llucmajor 222built1976
InterContinental Princesa Sofia Barcelona ...22built1975(1)
Carrer d'Aragó 174-18022built1973(1)
Heron City16built2001(1)
Edificio Tetuan20built1973(1)
Illa de la Llum 218built2005
Diagonal Sol20built2007(1)
Illa del Cel 218built2003(1)
Edificio Banco Bilbao13built1952
Roma 2000 III20built1973
Roma 2000 II20built1973
Roma 2000 I20built1973
Borbó 72-7420built1974
Illa del Bosc 218built2004
Illa del Bosc 118built2003
Hotel Diagonal Zero17built2009
Torre Llacuna13built2004(1)
Telefónica Building12built1928
Josep Pla 36-4617built1974
Diagonal 8-1017built1979
Hospital de Barcelona18built
Vitalicio Seguros17built1921
Torre Diagonal Mar14built2004(1)
Torre Apex Inmobiliaria II14built2004(1)
Torre Apex Inmobiliaria I14built2004(1)
Iberostar Selection Paseo de Gracia12built1950
Torre BCN14built2000(1)
Rey Juan Carlos I Conrad Hotel20built1992(1)
Passeig de Gràcia, 1614built1935
Interface Building14built2008
Torre Parc Central17built2006
Hotel Tryp Presidente17built1967
Grupo La Paz Edificio 4517built1999
Grupo La Paz Edificio 34 A y B17built1963
Grupo La Paz Edificio 31 A y B17built1963
Grupo La Paz Edificio 30 A y B17built1963
Carrer de Costabona 13-2517built1968
Carles III 41-4317built1966
Carles III 27-3117built1967
Avinguda Diagonal 80-8217built1970
Andrade 151-15317built1974
Trade Building II13built1968(1)
Trade Building I13built1968(1)
Trade Building IV12built1968(1)
Trade Building III12built1968(1)
Edifici Indra14built2006
Plaza Barcelona Hotel13built1992
Mutua General de Seguros13built
Diagonal 12313built2009
Via Favencia 90-9416built1962
Via Favencia 2-616built1962
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