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Sky Mark Tower24built1991(2)
Worcester Plaza24built1975(2)
100 Front20built1971(2)
Belmont Towers Apartments19built(2)
Guaranty Bank Building12built1971(1)
Aaron Lazare Research Building10built(1)
Elm Park Tower16built1970(1)
Plumley Village East Apartments16built1971(1)
Lincoln Park Tower15built
Parkview Tower11built(1)
Lincoln Village Apartments I15built
Webster Square Tower East14built
One Chestnut Place11built(1)
Park Plaza Apartments10built1915(1)
Commerce Building9built1897(1)
Lincoln Village Apartments II13built
Bancroft Commons10built1913(1)
Webster Square Tower West12built
Coes Pond Village12built
Slater Building10built1907(1)
Regency Suites10built
Concord Apartments10built
65 Lake Avenue10built
Worcester City Hall4built1898(1)