Nicknamed "The Windy City" not for its weather patterns, but for its 1893 bidding for the World's Fair. The bidding was so fierce, a New York Sun editor wrote: "Don't pay attention to the nonsensical claims of that windy city. Its people could not build a world's fair even if they won it."

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Steinway Hall12destroyed
Merchants Loan & Trust Building12destroyed
McCormick YWCA Building12destroyed
Mallers Building12destroyed
Hunter Building12destroyed
Hart, Schaffner & Marx Building12destroyed
Fabrics Building12destroyed
Dry Goods Reporter Building12destroyed
Caxton Building12destroyed
Boyce Building12destroyed
Born Building12destroyed
AHA Complex II12destroyed
Cabrini-Green Homes V17destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes XXVIII16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes XXVII16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes XXVI16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes XXV16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes XXIV16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes XXIII16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes XXII16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes XXI16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes XX16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes XVIII16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes XVII16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes XVI16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes XV16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes XIX16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes XIV16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes XIII16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes XII16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes XI16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes X16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes VIII16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes VII16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes VI16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes V16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes IX16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes IV16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes III16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes II16destroyed(1)
Robert Taylor Homes I16destroyed(1)
American Bankers Insurance Building12destroyed
Cabrini-Green Homes VIII16destroyed(1)
Cabrini-Green Homes VII16destroyed(1)
Sherman House Hotel15destroyed
Henry Horner Homes II15destroyed
Henry Horner Homes I15destroyed
ABLA Homes - Abbott Homes VII15destroyed
ABLA Homes - Abbott Homes VI15destroyed
ABLA Homes - Abbott Homes V15destroyed
ABLA Homes - Abbott Homes IV15destroyed
ABLA Homes - Abbott Homes III15destroyed
ABLA Homes - Abbott Homes II15destroyed
ABLA Homes - Abbott Homes I15destroyed
Great Northern Hotel14destroyed
LaSalle Street Station12destroyed
Cabrini-Green Homes VI15destroyed(1)
Cabrini-Green Homes IV15destroyed(1)
Cabrini-Green Homes III15destroyed(1)
Cabrini-Green Homes II15destroyed(1)
Cabrini-Green Homes I15destroyed(1)
Prairie Courts I14destroyed
Henry Horner Extension IV14destroyed
Henry Horner Extension III14destroyed
Henry Horner Extension II14destroyed
Henry Horner Extension I14destroyed
Clarence Darrow Homes IV14destroyed
Clarence Darrow Homes III14destroyed
Clarence Darrow Homes II14destroyed
Clarence Darrow Homes I14destroyed
Central Cold Storage Warehouse14destroyed
Lees Building12destroyed
Prairie Courts II13destroyed
Stonehenge Apartment Hotel12destroyed
Pearson Hotel12destroyed
Lake Tower Inn12destroyed
Chicago Beach Hotel12destroyed
Rockwell Gardens VI13destroyed(1)
Rockwell Gardens V13destroyed(1)
Rockwell Gardens IV13destroyed(1)
Rockwell Gardens III13destroyed(1)
Rockwell Gardens II13destroyed(1)
Rockwell Gardens I13destroyed(1)
Wedgewood Hotel12destroyed
The Ferris Wheeldestroyed(1)
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