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Metropolitan Park19built2013(4)
University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska16built1950(2)
LUK Apartamentowiec15built2018(1)
Gray Office Park14built2011(1)
Centrum Zana Office Park B14proposed(1)
Centrum Zana Office Park A14built2017(1)
Centrum Zana10built2011(1)
Nord Park14built2014(1)
Słoneczne Ogrody J14built2022(1)
Unia Art Residence15built2020(1)
Wieża Południowa12built2022(1)
Wieża Północna12built2022(1)
Students' House 312built(1)
Students' House 212built(1)
5 Stokrotki St.12built(1)
3 Stokrotki St.12built(1)
3 Sasankowa St.12built(1)
3 Plage i Laśkiewicz St.12built(1)
1 Stokrotki St.12built(1)
Słoneczne Ogrody I12built2020(1)