Founded in 1831 as Pleasantburg. Greenville became a city in 1869. Greenville was originally a summer vacation resort for wealthy South Carolina plantation owners. In the early 1900s, Greenville became the Textile Center of the South, due to the small, but powerful Reedy River. Today, the city is known for it's automotive industry.

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Landmark Building22built1966(2)
One Insignia Financial Plaza17built1984(1)
Bank of America Building16built1974(1)
Carolina First Building13built1999(1)
Two Liberty Square12built1986(1)
Wells Fargo Center11built1973(1)
Westin Poinsett Hotel14built1925(1)
Greenville City Hall11built1973(1)
Two Greenville Tower11built2013(1)
Towers East Apartments15built1950(1)
Chamber of Commerce10built1925(1)
CertusBank Building10built2012
BB&T Building9built1972(1)
Hilton Greenville & Towers9built1987
Hyatt Regency8built1982
AC Hotels9proposed
Hampton Inn & Suites RiverPlace9built2006
Greenville Summit8built1912