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SouthTrust Bank25built1987(3)
Hub at Columbia20built1983(2)
Bank of America Plaza18built1989(2)
Tower at 1301 Gervais20built1973(2)
Tower at Main and Gervais18built2009(1)
Meridian Building17built2004(1)
1441 Main16built1988(3)
The Heritage19built1975(1)
Capstone House18built1967(1)
Palmetto Building15built1913(2)
Cornell Arms Apartments18built1948(1)
Finlay House19built(1)
Marion Street Apartments17built1975(1)
Strom Thurmond Federal Building15built1979(1)
Senate Plaza Apartments19built1965(1)
USC Women's Dormitory South Tower18built1965(1)
BlueCross BlueShield Tower14built1972
Rutledge Building14built1964
Bates House West14built1974(1)
1200 Main10built1911(1)
Columbia Marriott13built1980(1)
NBSC Building12built1975
Jefferson Square12built1970
1600 Park Circle12built1985
1401 Main12built1976
Barringer Building12built1903(1)
John Welsh Humanities Center10built
Columbia Hall10built1971
Claire Towers Apartments12built1950(1)
Keenan Building10built1950(1)
South Carolina Statehouse3built1907(1)