Greater Sudbury

Great Sudbury is a city created in 2001 with the amalgamation of the cities and towns of the Regional Municipality of Sudbury.

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Tom Davies Square12built1977(3)
Rockview Towers17built
Bonik Tower14built
The R.D. Parker Building11built(1)
Balmoral Apartments16built
Starbury Towers13built
Cherry Gardens14built
Temellini Apartments14built1973
Laurentian University East Residence12built2012
Lockerby Towers13built
Stop 2200 Apartments12built(1)
City View Gardens12built
1960 Paris Street12built
University College Residence11built(1)
St Andrew's Place11built
Tower Apartments11built
Married/Mature Student Residence11built
Bayview Condominium11built
Christ the King Centre10built
The Summit10built