Formerly known as Gunsan.

It is a major port, especially for rice shipments, and is a commercial center for the rice grown in the Geum basin.

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Gunsan Revenue Stay 10640built2020(1)
Gunsan Revenue Stay 10540built2020(1)
Gunsan Revenue Stay 10240built2020(1)
Hyundai Metro Tower 20540built2016(1)
Gunsan Revenue Stay 10738built2020(1)
Gunsan Revenue Stay 10438built2020(1)
Gunsan Revenue Stay 10338built2020(1)
Gunsan Revenue Stay 10138built2020(1)
Central Park Star View 10436built2017(1)
Central Park Star View 10136built2017(1)
Central Park Star View 10235built2017(1)
Hyundai Metro Tower 10433built2011(1)
Hyundai Metro Tower 10333built2011(1)
Hyundai Metro Tower 20232built2016(1)
Hyundai Metro Tower 20132built2016(1)
Hyundai Metro Tower 10231built2011(1)
Hyundai Metro Tower 10131built2011(1)
Hyundai Metro Tower 20430built2016(1)
Hyundai Metro Tower 20330built2016(1)
Central Park Star View 10330built2017(1)
Gyeongam-dong O2 Grande 90529built2015
Gyeongam-dong O2 Grande 90429built2015
Gyeongam-dong O2 Grande 90329built2015
Dong-A 26 Building20built1999(1)
Cheonnyeonga The Stay 10629built2020(1)
Cheonnyeonga The Stay 10529built2020(1)
Cheonnyeonga The Stay 10429built2020(1)
Cheonnyeonga The Stay 10329built2020(1)
The Ocean City The Sharp 40629built2021
The Ocean City The Sharp 40529built2021
The Ocean City The Sharp 40429built2021
The Ocean City The Sharp 40329built2021
The Ocean City The Sharp 40229built2021
e-Pyeonhansesang The Ocean City 10629built2018
e-Pyeonhansesang The Ocean City 10529built2018
e-Pyeonhansesang The Ocean City 10429built2018
e-Pyeonhansesang The Ocean City 10329built2018
e-Pyeonhansesang The Ocean City 10229built2018
e-Pyeonhansesang The Ocean City 10129built2018
e-Pyeonhansesang The Ocean City 30229built2020
e-Pyeonhansesang The Ocean City 30429built2020
e-Pyeonhansesang The Ocean City 30329built2020
e-Pyeonhansesang The Ocean City 30129built2020
Cheonnyeonga The Stay 10228built2020(1)
The Ocean City The Sharp 40728built2021
The Ocean City The Sharp 40128built2021
Cheonnyeonga The Stay 10125built2020(1)
Star Palace23built2015
Gyeongam-dong O2 Grande 90119built2015
Best Western Gunsan Hotel13built2013
Ramada Hotel Gunsan16built2016(1)
Gunsan City Hall11built
Donggunsan Hospital10built1996
Kyobo Building10built2000
Gyeongam-dong O2 Grande 90210built2015